Our tabletop wargaming scenery company

Our  tabletop wargaming scenery company

Turning our cottage business into an actual business

We did it!

On 8th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £32 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Hello we are Gordon and Mitch Duke or are commonly know as Errant Dukes.

We are a small home startup business producing MDF scenery bases and small resin embellishments for the tabletop wargaming community.

We have had relative success with our products, but due to the nature of the products low income we're unable to invest any substantial amount of money into making improvements to the business or even moving it from our homes into proper premises.

We're going to run with a keep what you get funding project as every little helps, for instance..............

  • £50-100 could buy more materials, be it 3D filament to make prototypes or resin to make products.
  • £200-300 could buy a dust extractor for cutting out the MDF bases or a vacuum chamber to improve the casting processes.
  • £300-500 could buy pressure and vacuum chambers to improve the moulding and casting processes.
  • £700 could allow the creation of a new product line.
  • £1200 could give us a better website.

So what can we offer for your pledges?

Our thanks first and foremost, and for those whom are just giving a donation we will also add your name to the roots of our business tree, for without roots a tree can not grow.

For our other supporters wishing to pledge more or preferring to get something more for their pledges then we have proven product lines.

  • Resin fantasy crates

  • Resin scifi crates

  • Resin drums

  • Resin tank traps

  • Resin flagstone walls

We have stretch goals

Should the funding reach its initial target we will be looking at a stretch goal of £10,000 this will definitly get us premises to work from to help with our creations.

So once we get above £5,000 we will be looking into offering cargo containers as rewards, we don't have any pictures yet nor designs, but will be a mix of regular containers and themed containers.

Our idea for the containers is based upon using foam instead of plastic or resin.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

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