Our neiighbours had a fire

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Our neiighbours had a fire

Last Friday our elderly neighbours had a fire. They were not insured as they live near a stream which the insurance. help rebuild the roof.

We did it!

On 28th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Our elderly neighbours had a fire in their roof last Friday.  They cannot out a claim in with theinsurance company as they live near a stream ( half a mile away)  which the insurance class as a river.  Their roof burnt and all their belongings are ruined as the fire service put the fire out.  They live with their son whose children luckily were away for the weekend.  We feel it is our duty as neighbours to help  them.  We would like to raise some funds to help o rebuild the roof and to replace some of their belongings.  Please help. They live on Robin Hood Crescent in Hall green Birmingham.

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