Our little 'corner of the earth'

by The dreamer in Ely, England, United Kingdom


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A fresh new start by buying our little corner of the earth (Calabrian mountains in Italy) for an independent and sustainable lifestyle.

by The dreamer in Ely, England, United Kingdom

It's January 2018, my now husband got down on one knee in the lake District and proposed, of course I said yes. In March 2018 we decided that we wanted to get married that Christmas with the festive joy to add to our marital joy. In July 2018 , we had both resigned form out jobs to go plan our wedding which would be happening in Italy. The next few months were wonderful and the wedding was exactly what we wanted from our special day. We were on track to giving a chance to our dream of living in Italy together and opening a small business together.

What would follow in the upcoming three years would unfortunately coincide with what was supposed to be the most beautiful time of all, our start to life as a married couple , filled with dreams and positivity.  With the start of 2019 would come the start of a downward spiral surrounded by problems and negatively. 

Both of us were now unemployed and prospects of work were vary rare in the south of Italy . Before moving to Italy, we had taken out a loan which was supposed to cover the cost of opening up a our little business.

We were living in my aunt's second house under the agreement that until we were settled and working we would not have to pay any bills or rent ( this was our wedding gift from her ). We had began to make the house feel like home and started thinking of our future in this house . Come April 2019, unexplainably, the situation had changed and my aunt was now asking for rent and bills, both of us still unemployed, we began dipping into the money that was supposed to be used for our dream business. We both did some casual work here and there to try cover costs. We both started feeling down and under pressure. 

Come January 2020, again unexplainably, we received an email from my cousin stating that we needed to move out of the house , as my aunt wanted to sell the house and she was not interested in selling the house to family member or friends. After a few phone calls, it became clear that this decision had nothing to do with us but rather that my aunt and cousins were harbouring negative feelings towards some of my family members. We moved out of the house in February 2020 into my parents house only to be stuck in the house for the next few months due to the COVID pandemic and national lockdowns. I had found a temporary job teaching English, it was underpaid with few rights, however , it was a help financially. 

In June 2020 my husband found a great job which was well paid and all workers rights were respected, a month later my husband had to sign off sick and ultimately leave the job due to a serious back problem .

At this point my husband was in a deep depression and I wasn't doing much better. Alongside this there were family problems and serious health problems along with the death of two very close family members.  We had now hit the bottom of the downward spiral, with a continuos flow of negative events happening to us.

In March 2021 we decided that we had to make a change to our situation, we decided to move back to England ( both of us absolutely terrified and my husband still unable work due to his back problem). In the lead up to the move we had spent thousands of euros on medical fees . It's now October 2021, I'm sitting on the kitchen of my parents house , feeling hopeless and an eternity away from our initial dream. We have even stopped dreaming and planning for fear that like over the past three years nothing goes to plan.

I saw someone do a similar crowd funding request, that is when I saw a bit of hope and decided to give it a go myself, in the hope that something positive would come out of it. I made the promise that when we are in a better situation financially ( and hopefully living in our sustainable corner of the earth) we would give back to the community.  I know that there are many deserving causes out there that really need all of our support, I am asking though  that if you have anything to spare , it would really make a positive change in my and my husband's life. 

Thanks for reading my story, I look forward to being able to give a positive update to our situation. 

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