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Our Game

Delivering sporting, social, welfare and lifestyle change by using the power of football to motivate others to take action.

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £120 with 3 supporters in 94 days

Our Game is a company that has been set up by an ex semi-professional footballer in an attempt to give something back to the sport and help the millions of people who commit to, and regularly play football in the UK, but do not get many of the benefits or support regularly given to the elite. 

With over 8 million adults (2015 figures) playing some form of football in the UK, and billions of pounds floating around in professional football, the situation faced by players and clubs outside of this level should be much improved by now on so many levels. Unfortunately, though it is not. But imagine for a second what it could be like if these 8 million people started to come together to work to make things better for each other and themselves while they continue to play the game they love?

Why does this matter to you? Well put most simply, even if you don't play or like football, there is a good chance that someone else in your life does, and by supporting our "Pitch to Rich" we will be able to help them in ways no one else currently is, but many definitely need and would benefit from.

By applying a bit of thought and effort to a game we personally know so well, we have been able to do some really good things. Our approach is to make it fun and use a range of things all players are interested in to get their  attention, (discounted boots, kit, equipment, experiences and various giveaways) to also support the delivery of services people won't want to think about until their forced to, by which time it is often too late (injury insurance, avoiding NHS queues, rehabilitating from injuries, what to do once your career is over etc)

Examples of the services we currently offer include:

  • Access to the UK's first and only recognised trade union exclusively dedicated to athletes outside of the professional game.
  •  A bespoke personal accident cover that provides coverage for when injury means you lose money from playing football.
  • Access to the best medical facilities in the UK to make sure your recovery from injury is as smooth and complete as it can be.
  • Guidance from people who have been there and achieved, to navigate your way through the world of football
  • Preferential rates and discounts on everything from football boots to cars and holidays so you can realitically save the cost of membership through these discounts.
  • A range of non football related benefits such as payment of your dental, optical and GP bills.

Unlike with the comparable structures in the professional game, we are open to players of all levels and abilities to join and welcome everyone as we try to build a community of shared interest, looking after each other, and better utilising the resouces already available but not known by many. With the discount packages on offer providing help for everyday living costs, most people will in effect be able to become a member for FREE as we can easily save them the cost of membership through these savings on offer, and everybody likes something for nothing, right?

The real beauty of our service though is the ways in which it can continue to grow and the number of people it can help through something so simple that they all enjoy doing! We are already using it to deliver a substantially reduced priced national heart screening campaign, saving members hundreds of pounds while addressing a huge risk (over 12 young people a week in the UK die from undiagnosed heart issues with sport being an aggravating factor), and have firm plans already in place to deliver a series of workshops addressing a range of issues around lifeskills, obesity, financial awareness and employability, so the younger generation are also well catered for.  A number of other growth areas have also long since been identified to ensure this wide range of help can be delivered into even more people by grabbing their attention using the undeniable power and spirit of sport, and the range of contacts, experience and knowledge we have, to ultimately be able to provide people with a wider range of opportunities than they had before....

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