Our First Home

by Lauren in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

Our First Home


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Saving whilst you rent is hard with a capital ‘h’. That’s why we want to raise the deposit for our first home together.

by Lauren in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

Our backgrounds are both humble, we don’t come from rich families or rich areas of the country. We’ve worked our butts off from the ages of 17/18 and we met through our current jobs working for a Network Operator here in the UK. Our jobs pay well but they don’t leave us with much once rent and bills have come out. Our rent is steep but we love our line of work so couldn’t do it anywhere else unfortunately. Saving whilst renting is nigh on impossible and although we try our best we just need a little extra help.

Even if you spare us £5 that will help so much more than you know to get us to our goal of being able to place a deposit on a house in the area we love. We are hard working, tax paying citizens of the UK who feel let down by the system and government who doesn’t support middle of the road members of public like ourselves. We are in the forgotten grey area where were considered too wealthy to require support but not wealthy enough to actually be able to afford our own home. 

Let's make 'Our First Home' happen

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