Our Father's Bucket List

Our Father's Bucket List

Our aim is to raise money for our dad's last days so that he can enjoy every moment he has left and complete his bucket list. X

We did it!

On 8th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £1,690 with 50 supporters in 28 days

The Aim of our Crowdfunding

Everyone has a hero in life. For some a hero is one you see in a comic book; Spiderman, Batman, Superman. For others, it's a sportsman, an actor, a political leader.

I am blessed enough to have spent every day of my life knowing and learning from my hero. My father.

My father is someone who overwhelms me with how kind, peaceful and selfless he is. I don't just admire him, I aspire to become just like him.

After three years of battling cancer, two operations and different immunotherapy/chemotherapy treatments, we received the devastating news that our father's cancer is now terminal.

The aim of our crowdfunding is to raise money for our father so that he can embrace these coming months and create some lovely memories, making every moment count.

Alan's Story

"Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody"

The world was made a better place on 13 September 1953. Our father came into the world. Little did they know the magic and joy he would bring to people over the next 60+ years.

I will never be able to define our dad as a cancer patient, because he is just so much more than that. He is a selfless father to three daughters, a devoted husband, a caring and adventurous grandfather, an inspiring teacher, and a fiercely loyal friend.

The memories that we will hold in our hearts forever are indescribable. Even during his illness, the memories we will keep will not be those of despair and hopelessness, but of the determination and humility that he showed during such a devastating time. Even in the darkest and most sad of times, he has shone brighter than ever.

Our father was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2012. Within a matter of weeks he was operated on and the tumour was removed, along with one of his kidneys. Shortly after this, we were told that the operation was a success and he was cancer free. It all happened so fast, that it almost felt like a bad dream, a flash in time.

But within a year, the cancer had returned. This time there were a number of small tumours, one of which was between his heart and lung. Since that day, our dad has done nothing but fight to get better. His reflective and peaceful nature has been extraordinary. At a time where it would be so easy to show anger, hatred and rage, our father still maintained his incredible and admirable character, showing love, acceptance and selflessness.

We have so many beautiful memories of our father, walking along the hills at Lake Windermere, teaching us how to ski in France, snuggling up and watching Disney films, listening to bed time stories every night, our father has dedicated his entire life to our family.

We always pictured him retiring into a little house with our mother, looking after him and buying the shopping when he is too old to go out and do it himself. I pictured sending my mum and dad off on holidays whilst they enjoyed their retirement together. Whilst I cannot make these dreams come true, there is still time for me to make some of them come true.

Our dream now is to do our best to make sure he enjoys every single moment that he has left, to embrace the beauty of the world, feel the rain, the wind, the sun and focus on important things, family and the beauty of life.

Our father will always be with us and his memory will live on. His bedtime stories will be passed down, his humourless jokes will be shared, and he will never ever be forgotten. 

Please join us in raising money for our dad, my hero, and my best friend. X

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