Bandit's 3rd operation

by Martina in Chesterfield, England, United Kingdom

Bandit's 3rd operation


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Back in 2017, we heard about a litter of kittens that had been taken in by the RSPCA after being abandoned in a box. We adopted 2 of that li...

by Martina in Chesterfield, England, United Kingdom

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Back in 2017, we heard about a litter of kittens that had been taken in by the RSPCA after being abandoned in a box. We adopted 2 of that litter, 2 boys who we named Bandit and Cosmo.

In January of this year, we noticed a worrying amount of blood in Bandits urine, after a number of trips to our vets and an emergency vets, he underwent an operation where they removed a number of particularly nasty bladder stones.

The operation went well and he was soon back home with us. However, less than 24 hours after we were rushing him to the emergency vets as a complication following surgery meant he had a blockage, and needed immediate emergency surgery.




His recovery from 2 surgerys within days was slow, and it was distressing that because of the "vet smell" on his skin, his brother and best mate didn't recognise him and would hiss aggressively. This went on for over a week, and through very slow and careful moves they were eventually reintroduced and are back to spooning each other on a regular basis.


However, Bandit never really got back to "normal" and has had around 7 or 8 follow up appointments, scans and tests over the past 6 months, none of which gave us any answers. He has been on different pain killers and anti depressants to try and pinpoint the issue, but our vet is stumped.

Today, we took him to see a specialist who ran a number of detailed tests, x rays and an ultrasound.

They have discovered that his urethra is filled with over a dozen crystals. As such, he needs yet another operation.

After all the procedures, tests and medication over the past 6 months, we have maxed out on our insurance.

Todays tests cost £1,600 and the operation he needs will cost a further £3 to £4k


Me and my partner both work full time, myself for a hospice, who are currently looking at having to make redundancies due to the impacts of covid -19

We are looking for any kind hearted animal lovers who would contribute towards part of the cost of this surgery.

Thank you ❤

Let's make 'Bandit's 3rd operation' happen

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