Oughtrington Scouts - Kayaks for all

Oughtrington Scouts - Kayaks for all

Purchase 12 new kayaks and a secure transport trailer

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

1st Oughtrington (5th Warrington East ) Scout Group are trying to raise enough to cover the costs of 12 new Fusion kayaks and a secure 7' headroom trailer with ramp and shoring poles for transportation.

Sadly due to other constraints we are finding that more and more of the local schools are no longer able to provide either the time or the resources required for kayaking and other water based activities.  The reliance is on the voluntary groups like Scouting to provide these opportunities and training.

The purchase of these additional kayaks will allow us to teach the children from an early age (6yrs) how to use a kayak properly, having received training from an experienced leader. They will undertake further training whilst a Scout and by the time they reach Explorers age (14-18) yrs. it is hoped they will  have achieved the necessary awards and qualifications to enable them to take a 3 day expedition to gain their Duke of Edinburgh gold award and onto becoming a Queens Scout.

We have already trained two leaders who now hold the necessary Scouting permits. In addition, we have 3 other leaders currently being trained up

Scouts, Ex Scouts, parents and the wider community – Scouting provides fantastic opportunities for confidence building, achievement and life skills for our young people, our future adults. Please support this project and allow these children to export the water on our local canal , various camps and local activity centres.

 Please help us to achieve our target. On behalf of all the children that will benefit, thanks.