Safe Streets UK

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Safe Streets UK

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To provide young Londoners with safe summer programmes and facilitate a week-long Knife Amnesty London wide.

This summer, let’s make our UK Streets Safe for our children!

The shortfall in funding for youth activities and services has contributed directly to the rise in violent crime amongst young people. London recorded the highest rate of 169 offences involving a knife per 100,000 population in 2018/19, another increase from 2017/18. Safe Streets UK is a grassroots community response to this.

We are the local community, and it is up to us to act now! Together with your help, we will provide safe and fun activities across London.

The Safe Streets UK project is a collaboration between charities, entertainers, organisations and the public to raise funds to provide vital funding to grassroots organisations who provide summer activities to keep our children safe, with an ongoing campaign to help stop young people seeing knives as an option.

There are already grassroots organisation across the capital that do amazing work, but often the are unrecognised and critically underfunded. These are the organisations this crowdfunder has been set up to support directly.

What Safe Streets UK wants to do:

Together we want to raise £10,000 for each borough (there are 32 London boroughs.) This will provide an approved knife amnesty bin in each borough and enable a significant donation to a grassroots youth organisation

Why £10,000 per borough?

This is the amount that will make the most significant difference with each community. The crowdfunded money will be split in the following way £4,200 = the cost of each secure/approved knife amnesty bin to be purchased, set up and safely maintained. 

£5,800 = a one-off donation to an existing local youth group / charity with a proven track record of grassroots effectiveness within their specific community.

How are you going to do it?

We already have an extensive network of grassroots organisations across the city that are in dire need of funding. We have previously worked with local authorities to set up and deliver a number of youth led crime prevention programs. We have the contacts and experience to liaise between the councils, police and grassroots organisations to make sure your donations go exactly to the right communities.

Who are you?

The campaign is being organised and set up by OTTV in conjunction with Community Youth London (CYL) our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

How much should I donate?

If everyone reading this chipped in £15 that would be a great start

What else can I do right now to help?

  • Please share this crowdfunder as far as possible with your friends, family and community
  • Dispose of the unused/unnecessary knives in the homes by handing them into your local police stations
  • Walk just 100 yards outside your front door and check your immediate area for any hidden weapons or contraband. 

Do you have any stretch targets?

Additional funding and support will go towards:

  • Promotion delivery and participation in the planned knife crime amnesty week in London. Including the meltdown of knives collected to create a public statue in memory
  • Raise further funding until there are at least 3 knife amnesty bins in each borough.
  • Raise the profile of Community figures who are the ideal role models but are often too embedded within their work to be celebrated 
  • Gain further support of artists, influencers, record labels, local governments and more as to really invest in young people 
  • Build even community connections and cohesion between support services, families, schools and young people

"Why wait until you’re at a young person's funeral before wanting this to stop?"

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