Otter Surfboards - A Film

Project by tinydogfilms

We are looking for your help to create a stunning surf/lifestyle/awareness film based around the work of James Otter of Otter Surfboards.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This film will showcase the craftmanship and beauty of the surfboards shaped by James Otter, whilst inspiring young people to become involved in a craft like woodworking and the potential of starting their own business. 

The film will also raise awareness of the negative environmental impact surfing can have locally and globally whilst highlighting the sustainability of the Otter process in contrast to large corporation production lines.

Using surfing throughout to capture imaginations and showcase Cornwall's own beauty as a surfing destination, the film will be an emotive patchwork of motion picture and music. Our teaser video should help show you what we mean.

A Bit about Otter.

Otter make hollow, skin and frame wooden surfboards. They are the product of the shared twin passions of surfing and woodworking! 

You can find out more about Otter here on their website….

A bit about the enviroment.

Currently over 1 million surfboards are made every year world wide. Have you ever thought what impact this may be having on the environment? Some of the processes used to create traditional polyurethane boards can be harmful. A throw away culture within the surfing scene causes many boards to be discarded after a winter or twos use, due to being water logged or just not having that right shape that's on trend. We aim to show how riding a wooden board could last you decades and even save you money in the long run. And who would give up the chance of riding a board shaped by their very own hands in an Otter workshop? 



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