New taste of Otsumaru, one bite-sized balls

New taste of Otsumaru, one bite-sized balls

We are launching cute and yummy one bite-sized Otsumaru balls . Help us to raise money for our van to be able to sell them in your town

We did it!

On 18th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £765 with 33 supporters in 35 days


乙まる Otsumaru One-Bite sized ball,

a fusion of Spanish and Japanese flavour  


We introduce you our 'Otsumaru 乙まる' , one bite-sized inspired by Japanese Takoyaki but with a new perspective, becoming an assortment of  different flavours ranging  from sweet to savoury and easy putting it in your mouth anywhere . 

We started our food idea without any fund but in reality we had to set a place to sell. So we bought a second-hand old van and set it as a starting point for our project.  However we realised that we need a huge maintenance fee of van and buying kitchen equipments to be able to run as a food van. In addition, managing necessary additional costs like van insurance, gas equippement etc. We nearly gave up on our idea but a business adviser in our council adviced us to ask for croudfunding. So here we are, asking  your support! 

 Our view is  to make a bridge among different countries through food experience and  intergrate them together. And hoping to develop our Otsumaru product to the whole country nationwide in future. We also would like to contribute to the area by using local fresh ingredients.

We start business from one van and hope to develop business in other places and lead to future cafe business. In addition, we want to make our place as a multifunctional community base and have some events where we host musicians and artists (Visiting to schools and the eldery homes etc). Other than selling products, using teaching techniques for training and lessons at cooking schools. 

We support vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free, although some of them are still on process.  Our Otsumaru balls can be eaten hot and cold as they are or with various topping and sauce.

In future we will put more effort into development of taste and we hope to sell set meals such as lunch menu. We also want to expand the store, sell it at school and office town, and enter various events. Besides that, we would like to organise a cooking class for contributing to the local area, and would like to increase small cafes as chain stores. 




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