Other Things Magazine

by Kyle Nathan Brown in Southport, England, United Kingdom

Other Things Magazine
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'Other Things Magazine: Championing the Obscure' - an online cultural magazine covering everything and anything outside of the mainstream.

by Kyle Nathan Brown in Southport, England, United Kingdom

Other Things Magazine: Championing The Obscure

Mission Statement


There are currently more than 7 billion people on the planet, every single one of them with their own voices, imaginations, opinions, dreams, and creations. Yet most of what we consume is fed to us by the mainstream, leaving billions of creative projects and works of art left unseen, hidden out there in the world. It is not our intention to talk down those items in the mainstream, but to elevate and champion those that are not.

We want articles about incredible but elsive artists, amazing food places, new music scenes, unknown, independent or completely forgotten about films from around the world, a documentary or TV show that you adore that you perhaps have to scour the internet for hours and hours to even find, exciting and intriguing sports, bizarre hobbies, new perspectives on travel and city breaks, and of course LGBTQIA+ experiences, and that isn’t all, but it’s all we can think of right now.

This is the point of the magazine, we don’t know what is out there, but we want to. So please share with us anything obscure, underappreciated, underrepresented, unknown but fascinating, fun, bizarre, and anything you believe people ought to know about and engage in. What we do ask for is that our contributors’ fact-check their articles and include relevant links of reference where possible for the sake of our readers.

We hope our contributors will be boldly and unapologetically themselves, writing in their own voice – this means no SEO copy, no style guide, and absolutely not limited to Standard Written English – as well as displaying great enthusiasm for their subject matter and great compassion and empathy for the readers and for those they may be writing about. We would also like to see photo-essays and travelogues. What we want to publish is a respect and yearning for the underappreciated world of our cultures and the people who contribute to it, regardless of money or fame.

What would we use crowdfunded money for?

The money will be used to purchase and build the website - paying the hardworking designer. It will also be used to pay the contributors of the magazine, as we do not want to be yet another cultural magazine that relies on "volunteer" writers, we believe good work is worth paying for. In short, the money raised through Crowdfunder will be to get the project started, and to allow those involved a helping hand.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

By pledging any amount of money you are doing us a MASSIVE favour, but this this reward system, if you pay £25 or more we will consider your own theme/subject suggestions for the magazine and will commission one of our writers to cover it.

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