Other Nikolaus Tales

20 minute short animated movie and the first in the history videobook of fairy tales !!!

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This story has no beginning and no end .Nikolaus who lives on the island with his wife. He recalls how in his youth he came across a fabulous book ,what was written in it is already occurred or will occur only. The book is amazing in that ,it can not read every, and I'm talking about you will know from our 20 minute animated film ,who may read this book. Stories in the book are changed each time as it learns new human.

Videobook this is the original method for obtaining visual information for both children and adults.It can be sent by mail to a friend and he will also know the contents of Tales, these books in the future  will be possible exchange, so we are starting a new story,THE NEW VIDEOBOOK STORY.

You can participate in the creation of fairy tales, You can call the Hero you name.In total there are 3 episodic characters and the 2 main characters, 1 female and 1 of Male heroes.

In the world of Nikolaus fairy tale You expect a great adventure interesting story , and much different that surprise and delight you and your children.Nikolaus Tales have unusual property , fairytale book in search of a Nikolaus goes on an adventure , can enter your name in to the story. Participate in the creation of a fairy tale and you will discover not only a new page of fairy book , You will get a reward from Nikolaus.


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