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.OTB Instagram ATM

OTB Instagram ATM is a vending machine designed for retail environments that prints Instagram pictures on a Polaroid Format

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £30 with 3 supporters in 116 days

The Business

.OTB Instagram ATM was designed with retailers and retail environments in mind, our machines offer an interactive medium to retain footfall and dwell times in these venues all while enhancing the area and retailers social media footprint.

At Over The Booth we believe that print is the most meaningful way to enjoy Photography.

Currently, the market only provides “classic” photo booths that mostly focus on printing passport photos and rarely offer novelty effects.

We will be the first to market a vending machine that integrates Instagram but also offers Marketing Tools. We are currently present at several locations in London and growing at fast pace we also are currently planning to expand in Italy, Germany, and the USA.

The Market

By serving a niche segment of the £1.65 billion UK vending industry, we will position Overthebooth Ltd as a high-quality, innovative company that creates value for its customers.

Currently, the market only provides “classic” photo booths that mostly focus on printing passport photos and rarely offer novelty effects. We will be the first to market a vending machine that integrates to Instagram but also offers Marketing Tools.

Our target customers are Millennials but Instagram is the social media platform that also targets previous generations users. The Market for Social Media Advertising and the Industry are growing and maturing quickly, also vending market saw 5% revenue growth in 2015.


Our first Booths were launched in several London venues in the past month, the product is well accepted from customers that seem to appreciate the novelty. 

We are also currently in talks with major UK developers to open in new locations that enjoy a higher footfall necessary to operate our machines at full capacity.

More time will be necessary to provide accurate figures on our monthly revenue stream but due to the high margin on our products, the return of investment per Booth is expected in 3 - 4 months.

New features like an optimized vending software, Salesforce Integration for remarketing capabilities and the introduction of Contactless Card Payments should further enhance our booths profitability.


We are a born global company and we want to expand quickly and organically in new markets, thanks to our proprietary design and software and an excellent relation with our Asian Manufacturer we plan to achieve this growth in a short period of time.

The introduction of a Franchise program additionally to our current Leasing and Partnership models should allow us to achieve this growth in new and untouched markets that offer great potentials such as the USA, Brazil, and the Middle East.

Since we are a small team we plan to hire new employees to support our growth and help us manage the business. Also since franchising is a complicated legal subject we plan to hire expert consultants in this field.

The Team

We are a young team composed of three members, Dennis Sinden and Alex Bozhko are the founders and directors of the company, Toma Shulyak is the Marketing Manager. Dennis started his first business at the age of 18 and worked as a consultant for Italian Agricultural Commodities helping Italian SME's expand into new markets, he studied at Cass Business School and Leeds University. Alex is an experienced software developer who studied at LSE and City University and worked for several leading IT companies. Toma graduated from Cass Business School with a Marketing specialisation and worked for some SME’s as a marketing coordinator and assistant. Our strongest feature is that we are a naturally Multi-Lingual and International team that was born and raised globally.

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