Otaku Cafe

Otaku Cafe is Afternoon Tea with a twist. We fuse the Maid Cafe franchise in Japan & Afternoon tea franchise here to bring great experience!

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Presenting the Otaku Cafe

What is Otaku Cafe?

In short; Otaku Cafe is UK based travelling/popup maid cosplay cafe. We provide delicious authentic Japanese drinks and treats (Cakes included) provided by our friendly themed maids. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and fun plus all of our customers are treated with the care and undivided attention. You can play games, take photos and partake in fun competitions with our maids. It is an experience like no other and we welcome everyone to join us!


After travelling to Japan a few times (Since 2011), we experienced the maid cafe franchise in many different ways, this ranged from quirky to weird. We had so much fun and enjoyed the interaction with every cafe we visited, so it only seemed right to want to share those experiences. Because of these experiences we felt that the UK deserved to feel how we felt when being surrounded in this atmosphere. From that moment on we decided to create Otaku Cafe and bring the same experiences to those that cannot travel to Japan themselves.


The donations recieved will allow us to continue building up Otaku Cafe. This will allow us to partake in events such as MCM Expo & Hyper Japan. If successful, we are hoping to bring Otaku Cafe to different locations within the UK. We have already started the company, hired our maids, purchased the uniforms and accessories, finalised our menu and now need to acquire more prizes from Japan for our future competition winners. In addition, the more money we raise gives us a better chance of us taking part other conventions across the country!

From our project page, just select the amount you would like to donate and choose your reward. Otaku Cafe wishes to be a success; with your donations, support and help you will be a part of this amazing journey.


Our Crowdfunding goal is £5,000, this will fund and secure our space at the MCM expo this May. If we can reach that goal by designated end date, the project will be funded, pledgers will receive their rewards at the May MCM event, however, those are unable to make the event will be sent their rewards via post during this time!

So please stop by our Crowdfunding page, and donate today.


Arigatou gozaimasu ganbatte minnasan! 

(Thank you very much, good luck everyone!)