Support the arts!“Pay as you feel” Radio Play Fund

by Open Theatre in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Support the arts!“Pay as you feel” Radio Play Fund


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A page taking 'pay as you feel' donations for Open Theatre's new radio plays.

by Open Theatre in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

With in-person shows being a thing of the past at the moment, we at Open Theatre devised the plan of putting on four radio shows this semester. We want to keep these shows accessible to everyone, but we do ultimately want to raise money in the process. Whilst a ticket for our normal in-person shows would be around £7, here we are just asking for any donation that you can give. We are extremely proud of the work that our members have put in to make theatre possible this semester, and would love for you to celebrate our achievements not only by streaming the shows but also donating.

This money will not be sitting in our account but rather will be going to good use! Half of the total amount raised will be added to the funds we are raising for our trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This summer we plan to take two shows up to the fringe and showcase the talent of our members and their new writing plays.

The other half of the money raised will be donated to Bloomin' Buds Theatre Company. They are a Bradford-based theatre company who aim to raise opportunity in the arts for children and adults from working class backgrounds and aim to support the mental health of people from these groups. They create theatre and art but also run workshops for children, young people and the eldery to help raise confidence, opportunities and positivity. They are currently raising money so they can deliver Christmas boxes filled with arts and crafts materials and self care items to vulnerable families. 

We felt it was particularly important to use the money not only for our Edinburgh trip, but also to donate to Bloomin' Buds. They are currently struggling as a company during the second lockdown as they are unable to run their normal programme of events. They want to be able to continue to do so in the future and we would like to help them in any way we can! Just like our trip to the Fringe, they are working towards getting theatre back up on its feet after this lockdown period.

So please stream our shows and get donating!

Let's make 'Support the arts!“Pay as you feel” Radio Play Fund' happen

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