Orphans Of Baghdad (working title) Documentary

by Orphan Documentary Baghdad in London, England, United Kingdom


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Grateful enough to be raised in London, Baghdad was still close to home, war on TV, loss, calls from family or the ignorant reminding me.

by Orphan Documentary Baghdad in London, England, United Kingdom

Muntesr is an Arabic speaking London based film maker, who has worked with various brands including beats by dre, universal, Sony music plus many more… Muntesr’s journey began during a cold night in Baghdad, Iraq. The heavy bombardment threatened close by to the rumbling hospital. the year was 1980, the hospital has since been extinguished. after a few weeks young, Muntesr arrived in Europe with his family away from such dictatorship, murder and mainly war…

Muntesr was raised in London from the age of four after living in Roma, Italy, through his parents professions and was eventually sent to a church of England school. Muntesr was always encouraged to learn about all cultures and religions, diversity was embraced with the freedom that he unknowingly had in front of him. He learned Arabic at home and learned English via school alongside his wooden television during the 80’s. Plenty of cartoons & 80's classic British comedy sitcoms became his favourites, but it was a particular VHS tape amongst his mothers selection that she had recorded. 80s cult classic "Breakdance", it became his mothers choice to keep him occupied.

As the years past his VHS collection grew, more frequent trips where made to the video rental shops & passionately going through the shelfs. Muntesr enjoyed frequent film nights with his family, the wars where on going and close tied losses were also frequent. Muntesr reflects on these film nights as escapes from the harsh realities. Muntesr’s parents covered up the wars and sadness with Love & cinema and the art of story telling seed was nurtured, the power of cinema through Muntesr’s eyes from an early age was captivating. Breaking news reports dominated the household in between breaks featuring the heavy bombings over the city once known as the city of peace Baghdad during another war.

"I feel although i have been blessed to be raised in a city of without war, the harsh realities where covered up, my heart pours for the lost kids of Iraq. There are limited funds to help the children orphaned from the tragic events, there many children having to rely on operations from abroad from very few charity's. There are no special need services to cater for the specially gifted kids. 

With a heavy heart and a eye for touching and raising awareness of what these effects really do to our future, I want give back a voice for the voiceless, especially through the eyes of a war child orphan. If I was able to seek your help, I would utilise the budget to produce and coordinate a heart felt piece representing the harsh realities of these kids journeys".

During my years as an an active professional film maker I have sources to gather some equipment and will like to utilise them to save on the budget, for example I aim to fly my drone safely over Baghdad as well as using a steady camera rig to ensure some smoothness with the rough to add extra aesthetics to our film. Though to maximise quality i would aim to obtain a broadcast quality camera to self shoot this project, I aim to film guerrilla style mixed with cinematic set ups showing a beaten up world both in the up in the air and ground.


  • Obtaining and securing broadcast quality camera, including field sound recorder.
  • NO budget will be spent on HOTELS! Preferring to stay with local families accommodating these kids? Or family ties will also be able accommodate myself safely.
  • Flights and travel in Iraq
  • Local assistance (driver, fixer, security)
  • File storage

**Production incentives available, please don't hesitate to message me on the possibilities.

I have included above of a short film 'Senseless' that I wrote, directed and edited, I was proud to use all Iraqi refugees to bring this film to life, heavily thanks to the production skills of Raya Quaraein. 

I would like to also add that, any profits will be offered back to the funder or have the option of donating back to a charity that we may find to help on OUR journey together. 

Any kind donations will be humbly appreciated, as tough it is doing this medium, the bigger picture of these innocent kids natural world gives me purpose. Get a name credit, receive behind the scenes updates, receive an early viewing copy and if I haven't said it then please don't hesitate to mention it to me. 

I hope this could project plant another seed to give realisation to this modern world that there are always other means than violence.

Thank you


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