Orphans and Medical operations help

by Ghalia Sarmani in Timperley, England, United Kingdom

Orphans and Medical operations help


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The aim of this is to raise money for orphans and people needing urgent medical operations and medical treatment. (Sadaqa & Zakat accepted)

by Ghalia Sarmani in Timperley, England, United Kingdom

Everyone is aware, to some extent, of what is happening around the world and especially in the middle east and war torn countries. You have all seen pictures of orphans starving and suffering without guardians, both in and out of refugee centres. Many people have suffered serious and life changing injuries having innocently been impacted by wars and fighting. These people have lost everything, are displaced and have very little hope of receiving any medical (or any other) assistance. 

Unfortunate realities like this have deeply affected me to the point that I cannot sit back and do nothing. I have been trying to collect money and donations personally for some time now and the funds I have raised have been helpful in getting medical help to these people. I would like to do more and have therefore decided to start a page to spread awareness and also try to increase donations for this cause. 

I will send the money that you donate to help orphans in refugee camps in war torn areas. The funds will also be used to provide medical treatment and life changing surgeries for people that have suffered immensely within warzones. Families that are struggling to provide food and safe shelter for their children and elderly are often unable to work and cannot afford simple necessities. I intend to help these desperate families too. 

Please donate generously as Sadaqa or Zakat. May Allah (SWT) accept it from us for what we intend it to be used for. Ameen. JazakAllahkhair and thank you for your support.

Let's make 'Orphans and Medical operations help' happen

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