Orla's Angels

Orla's Angels

Support for a very special girl's needs.

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On 27th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £560 of £500 target with 25 supporters in 18 days

Project aim

Support for a very special girl's needs.

About the project

Orla is 8 months old. She is a beautiful little girl with big brown eyes.

Orla was born weighing 6'1lbs but she started losing weight rapidly and experienced feeding difficulties. After taking her to the hospital her mummy found out she had a heart murmur which they investigated. The conclusion was that Orla was born with an Atrial Septum Defect and a Ventricular Septal defect. These are both heart conditions from birth, which Orla had two of. As you can imagine the panic and the wait and watch as surgeons told her mummy that the hole's would heal up on their own, or she would need surgery. Luckily for Orla the holes started healing. However, in January Orla stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated. This happened again a couple of months after.

Mummy also started to notice that Orla wasn't developing properly. She wasn't doing things as other babies her age. Her eyes would always flicker and sometimes she would be very limp and she couldn't start to support her own weight. After months of testing and hospital visits, especially genetic testing we are still without a main diagnosis, though we know she has hyper-mobility, global development delay and a syndrome she has with her eye. However, it is recognised that Orla has some sort of Muscular Disorder and will need further testing.

After some sessions with the physiotherapists, they noticed something wrong with Orla's legs. Again, after more testing they discovered she has Hip Displasia and is having her operation soon to break the hips and reset her legs. She will be in a cast for a few months.

Here's where we need your help:)

Orla needs special equipment adapted to her needs, to be able to flourish and grow as normal as possible, and to give her the quality of life she deserves.

She has an older brother and sister, and they are all looked after by their hard working mummy. She gets very tired, running between hospitals while trying to be at home with her other children. As a single mummy she is doing a fantastic job.

By donating a few pounds we could help get Orla the equipment she needs to kick start her life, and to make the hospital and home transitions as easy as possible.

Faye's friend Matthew North, kindly offered to do a sponsored run in the hope of raising suitable funds to help. With Matt's generous offer of help and together with a great community. We could all put a smile on a special girl's face:)

Please use this page to sponsor Matt in his great run:)


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