Original Ski Festival Company

Original Ski Festival Company

Promoting the winter sport through affordable clothing, great events and enabling people to fulfil their dreams

We did it!

On 31st Oct 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 42 days


The idea of The Orignal Ski Festival Company is to keep a very simple idea fresh and creative and give back to the local community as much as possible.

The merchandise we will be releasing will be coated, as standard, with an anti-stain product that repels all stains enabling it to stay freah and clean throughout the year. Products will range from long and short sleeve tshirts, pull overs, hoodies, beanies, snap-back hats and will also include a winter clothing range down the line. 

Once our merchandise has been launched and takes off,  the next stage is to start promoting winter sports across the country - this is done through hosting and managing small events both sporting and musical across the UK and then moving that across Europe as well. These events give local people the chance to really showcase their skills and show the public what they can really do. 

Longer term we will be taking children from underprivileged areas on a full expense paid for trip to the Alps where they learn to ski or board and learn the skills behind winter sports. Skiing doesn't just need to be about the cost, it needs to be about the experience and I can't personally think about anything more rewarding then giving children something they could only ever dream of doing.

Another avenue is to set up an athletes management company where although there is a small % fee, it is nothing like the cut big global brands would be making with their sign up's.

The dream is to stage the best winter festivals around the world and to promote the worlds greatest talent from within!


The money recieved will help finance the final set up of the website, promote local merchandise and increase our social media coverage which would therefore increase sales revenue down the line.

Also on the back of that, funding for local exhibits and promotion of the local community projects and promoting winter sports locally. By raising knowledge, awareness, recognition for local talent we are both promoting ourselves and of course them.

Thank you for reading and for showing your support! 

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