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Small farmers in Central Greece are struggling to stay in business. Stand with them in solidarity this Christmas. #OriginPledge

We did it!

On 15th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £10,697 of £10,000 target with 171 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

A massive thank you to everyone involved in making this dream come to life - Origin Club is now officially a thing! You've been consistently amazing for the last 42 days, now we have just one final request.

With less than 24 hours remaining on this campaign there's still time to stretch our funding by an additional 25%. Remember that for every additional hamper we sell today there's a direct and immediate benefit for our local farmers networks here in Central Greece - so please keep pledging and sharing our story with your friends and family. 

We did it once, now for just a few hours more let's do it all over again. Come on crowd, we've got this! 

Small-scale Greek farmers need our help!

What is Origin Club?

Origin Club is helping small scale Greek farmers who're struggling to stay in business by selling their products online. Much like the selection of tasty and healthy products inside these Christmas hampers, our startup is itself made in Greece. We're a social enterprise that will reinvest 100% of its profits into R&D which directly benefits the local farming communities which make this scheme possible, and in the longer term, help change how we grow, buy and sell food across Europe.
You can read more about our purpose and origin story here, or see our brochure for full product information. 

How Origin Club Works

  • We source the best products made by small-scale, single-origin local farmers.

  • We sell their products online using social media and email marketing.

  • You receive a limited edition hamper delivered FREE to any mainland UK or Greek address in time for Christmas. 

  • We reinvest all profits back into the regional communities and farming cooperatives which make the Origin Club possible.

  • We adopt a multi-stakeholder ownership structure so that purpose always comes before profit.

  • We ensure competitive pricing by shipping in bulk direct from Central Greece and, in the longer term, by encouraging customers to signup to monthly subscriptions.

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The Problem

Small scale, single origin, organic farming usually produces great quality and healthy produce. The problem is that small-scale farmers do not have the branding or marketing skills required to sell their products online direct to customers. Unable to achieve the scale required by retail giants, and often unable to afford the accreditation their products deserve, they have no option but to sell for extremely low margins. 

Our Solution

"We want to create systems that ensure that the food we buy is organically grown, ethically sourced, fairly priced and efficiently distributed. We want to support small local organic farmers by helping them sell and distribute their products online. That's why we've created Origin Club.” - Irene Psifidi, PhD candidate and Origin Club supporter.

Every solidarity hamper you buy directly benefits our network of small producers by increasing their sales this Christmas. Furthermore, as a social enterprise we pledge to reinvest 100% of our profits into the regional farming networks which make Origin Club possible by funding R&D which directly improves their access to markets. 

For a deeper dive into our vision and mission, please read our Medium article, Introducing Origin Club

Join the Club

Support our campaign by pledging, sharing on social media or joining our mailing list. Pledge more than £50 and you'll receive an Origin Box, delivered to any mainland UK or Greek address in time for Christmas. 

Make Origin Club this year's perfect gift to show you care.

Buy authentic produce directly from single-origin farmers in central Greece and make a difference this Christmas.

For more information please visit http://originclub.org or email social@originclub.org. Thank you for your support!

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