Help young music talent to reach her dreams

by Valeria Toth  in Toulouse

Help young music talent to reach her dreams
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Helping a friend to finish postgraduate music studies in Tolouse.

by Valeria Toth in Toulouse

For you music is maybe just background in your everyday life. Background while you are working, walking, driving dinning... For her, music is passion and life. This passion creates our everyday background.

Who Is Katarina?

This cheerful and charismatic young woman is also a passionate musician who comes from beautiful but economically unstable Croatia. It is hard to pay studies in Croatia, so many young talents give up on their dreams. But not her. Dedicated only to music in last 20 years, she managed to finish:

Master degree in Music, in Organ (mag.mus.) at University of Zagreb, Music Academy,

Master degree in Music, in Harpsichord (mag. mus.) at University of Zagreb, Music Academy,

Master degree in Music Theory (mag.mus.) at University of Zagreb, Music Academy,

Master of Arts, Organ (Konzertfach – instrumental programme – major in Organ) (Mag. Art.) at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst, Vienna (Austria)  (The highest level of music interpretation, improvisation, music styles, historical and contemporary music interpretation, highest level skills of technical and artistic requirements, the biggest extent of music programme for exams)

During that time she covered her expenses with having concerts in famous music halls around Europe, and some of the most popular ones are:

February 2012. – Festival Laudes Organi in Vienna. Concert with Croatian flautist Iva Kovač

May 2012. – Peterskirche in Vienna, Concert with Croatian flautist Iva Kovač

November 2012. – Organ recital in Peterskirche in Vienna

November 2013. –Organ recital at festival Darko Lukić in Zagreb

July 2014. – Concert at the Royaumont Abbey, France

September 2014. -Organ recital in Trebinje cathedral, Bosnia and Herzegovina

October 2014. – Ybbser Orgelherbst, concert with young organists Martin Wadsack and Nikita Gasser, Ybbs, Austria

November 2014. – St. Mark's church, as soloist performing at the concert with choir Cantores Santi Marci and their orchestra

May 2015. – Concert at Split cathedral, Split, Croatia

August 2015. – Concert with soprano Marija Lešaja, Omiš cathedral, Croatia

October 2015. – Organ concert at Zagreb cathedral

April 2016. Organ recital at St. Peters church, Split, Croatia

July 2016. - Concert at the Royaumont Abbey , France

August 2016. – Smarano organ academy (organ, clavichord, harpsichord), Smarano, Italy

August 2016. – Zagreb cathedral concert with trombonist Ivan Mučić at International festival Zvuci tišine

September 2016. – Hvar cathedral concert with trompetist Ivan Đuzel, Hvar, Croatia

May 2017. – Concert with soprano Marija Lešaja in Peterskirche in Vienna

Juni 2017. - St. Mark's church, Organ recital at International organ festival Orgulje Sv. Marka, Zagreb

July 2017. - Concert at the Royaumont Abbey , France

August 2017. – Concert with soprano Marija Lešaja at Korčula cathedral, Croatia

September 2017. – Organum Histriae festival with chamber trio, Kanfanar, Croatia

September 2017. – as a harpsichord soloist and playing with an ensemble, concert at Varaždinske barokne večeri

February 2018. – Organ recital, Église/Musée desAugustins, Toulouse, France

August 2018.- Organ recital, L'Orgue Renessance de Saint Savin, Saint Savin, France

It wasn't easy to study in such an uncertain condition, in the foreign country where expenses make huge disproportion to Croatian standard. Even then, Katarina managed to cover all of her expenses for so many years. Today, she came to the last step of her postgraduate study, exhausted all of her resources and exhausted herself.

Like Bono said: "Music can change the world as it can change people". Let's help those who can make that change.

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