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Organic Village

Providing a platform to search for the best and cheapest Organic Products, Reduce Food Waste, Feed the Hungry, Help Producers - all at once.

We did it!

On 11th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £50 with 2 supporters in 56 days

To make that dream come true,

Organic Village is about to launch a product and price comparison website, for Organic products only.

For the first time in the world.  (   Demo / to be launched  )

A Platform serving as;

  • A Product and Price comparison website for Organic products only.  
  • A Place for Producers and Brand Owners to offer their short dated stock at a reduced rate.
  • Whilst helping to reduce Food Waste and Feed the Hungry.

We are a group of people with extensive experience in Organic Trade.

We founded Organic Village back in 2006. 

A family who’s always seen the inherent necessity of eating Organic, we joined the community with the big Pomegranate boom; sourcing, bottling and distributing pomegranate juice from Turkey to sell across Europe.

Organic Village has grown from a family business of market stalls and direct sales to a small group of loyal customers, to selling a range of products to bigger companies like Wholefoods, Planet Organic and Goodness direct.

Over 10 years,  we’ve gone from sourcing our own food and drink, to helping producers we believe in to expand and grow.

The journey has meant attending many trade shows and travelling all over Europe to find and meet other organic farmers, producers and companies who truly care about the things they make.

We’ve met some amazing people..

And we’ve heard the same thing over and over again...

  • The general understanding is that Organic is expensive.  Even people who understand how important it is to eat organic consider it a luxury.
  • Depending on the product, in some cases, stock with as much as 6 months shelf life can be considered ‘short dated’ and as a result, producers are often stuck with perfectly good stock.

○     Often this stock is just thrown away! (at a cost)

○     6,700,000 tonnes of it every year only in the UK.

So we have a situation where something considered too expensive to buy, is then literally thrown away where it could be sold at a reduced price or used to feed the hungry...        

– That can’t be right can it?

We think..

  • It’s about time that organic goodness is reasonably priced and widely available for everyone to benefit.
  • And it’s about time the systemic problem causing all this food waste is tackled.  It’s a great shame and something can be done about it!

We believe we have a solution that can turn these issues into benefits and do something about it.

First, we have a comparison website for Organic products,

  • Comparing over 3000 products from 400 different categories available from reputable online shops supplying Organic products. Cheaper than you think, delivered to your doorstep.

➔         This creates a platform for consumers to get the best deals on Organics, so they can enjoy the benefits of choice and savings.

➔         This also continues to increase Organic, as opposed to non-organic, consumption; indirectly supporting Organic Farmers and Producers.

 Next, we have short dated stock items,

  • Offering a platform for Producers and Brand Owners to offer their short dated stock at a reduced rate.

➔         This way producers aren’t stuck with stock that’s considered too short dated for the traditional supply chains,

➔         These products are price and description compared along with the others and offered as a choice 

➔         and consumers get to benefit from bargain prices on perfectly great organic food and drink

 And finally, Reducing Food Waste and Feeding the Hungry.

  • When short-dated stock is not sold by at least 4 weeks before the best before date,  they are automatically notified to Food Banks for collection.

                        -   making sure that nothing is wasted.

 And there we have it..

A website where consumers can find cheaper organic food, that also helps producers, helps reduce the food wastage problem and benefit the needy all at once.

What we have done so far…

We’ve been hard at work for over a year speaking to producers, traders, food banks, organic groups and consumers to see if people are keen and would contribute and support. We also held many meetings with the web developers to see if the project is technically doable.

The feedback was positive and promising, ticking all the boxes we needed, and we’ve built a demo / template of our little big dream for you to view.

Why we need your help..

We have already established the structure. However, for this structure to function properly and be maintained efficiently, it requires expert web developers.

After numerous meetings with several reputable firms, we have established that the necessary solutions are perfectly implacable and the approximate cost of it is £10.000. We’re are now seeking to raise the £10K that’s needed to fund the ongoing website developments and also pitching for an extended £20K to fund further development, and make it a bigger success worldwide.

However, we value your input more than anything else..   Please Register to join our cause and have your say<

 Thank you for listening to us. Please pass it on...

Warm regards from all of us in Organic Village

Since 2006

Eat well and healthy, Help producers, Help prevent Food Wastage, Feed the Hungry (with Good Organic Food ),

and Save a lot of money on top of it, all at the same time when shopping as a consumer

A dream that can easily be realised with your help.

Join us

You can follow progress and updates on our facebook page at 

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