LB Natural Soap Co. - Organic Handmade Soaps

LB Natural Soap Co. - Organic Handmade Soaps

LB Natural Soap is a company setup with the aim of creating handmade, organic and environmentally friendly soaps.

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LB Natural Soap Co.

Let’s Be Natural – 100% Natural Handmade Soaps


LB Natural Soap Co. was launched in 2015 by two friends with an interest in producing soaps and bath products that are both kind to sensitive skin and contain 100% natural ingredients. LB Natural Soap Co. would like to develop and launch a collection of natural, handmade soaps in addition to other Bath & Body products such as handmade body scrubs, bath bombs and soap cakes. Our plan is to sell our products online through our web-shop (currently in development) and through market stalls in a variety of different counties for full exposure of the brand. We also plan to attend craft fairs, Christmas markets and other similar events.The History of LB Natural Soap Co. LB Natural Soap Co. launched on 20th July 2015 selling products online through our shop. We are planning to start attending events at the end of this month and we are also in the process of setting up a local market stall. So far we have had good feedback from our tester market concerning our ideas and our website.

LB Natural Soap Co. have already started developing ideas for soaps as we are currently using a handmade soap manufacturer but would eventually like to make our whole range handmade by ourselves.

We would like to keep packaging to a minimal and where possible use environmentally friendly packaging. We are also 100% against animal testing and most of our products are vegan friendly with the exception of our products that contain goat’s milk, honey or beeswax. The entire branding and final look of the product is as important to us as the product itself. Each bar of soap is hand cut and stamped with our very own LB Natural Soap Co. logo. Please visit our website and Etsy store to see our current collection of products. This will show you the type of products we sell at the moment. How your Pledges will Help Our current products are manufactured at present for us by a different company; we would love to start producing our own handmade soaps. We have already started developing & experimenting with recipes for our new collection; there are currently four different products we are working on which we feel will appeal to all target markets. We are also really keen to market soap towards children and get them interested in the soap making process; as it can be an extremely fun process for children and adults alike! In addition to the products themselves, this project will also help to develop the branding and packaging for our new collection so that the final packaged product reflects the quality of the item. From this project we would also like to be able to develop and launch our own body scrubs, face mask and body moisturising lotions. In order to be able to sell Bath & Body products within the EU, a Cosmetic Safety Assessment has to be obtained for every product before it is put on sale, this is carried out by a qualified chemist. To a small business this equates to a lot of capital; therefore the funding for this project is not only to help develop new products & packaging, but to help gain the necessary legal paperwork to be able to put the product on sale to the public. Of course in return for your pledges you do get something back too! Take a look on the right hand side of this page >>>> to see what goodies you can get. Rewards range from a simply thank you to a bumper goodie box and everything in between including gift vouchers and website sponsorship opportunities. It's a fab way to try our products or even to give as gifts to others. £100 pledge - Receive a bumper pack of LB Natural Soap Co.! LB Natural Soap Co. - FAQ's

What is our vision? Our plan at the moment is for LB Natural Soap Co. to become a full time business. We would like to progress into having our own workshop and physical shop, so more of our products can be made & easily stored; this would then enable us to attend bigger events and eventually trade events as we would like to get our products into department stores as well as little boutique shops. How has the business been funded to get to its current position? To date the business has been funded entirely through the personal funds of the founders. Takings from all sales are currently being re-invested back into the business to enable progression. How are your products made? All products are made in small batches, from raw ingredients. We have spent months developing recipes, researching & sourcing the best natural ingredients to use. We use melt and pour soap bases made with luxury ingredients that include Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters. Our Bath Bombs are to die for and are also made from scratch; we never compromise on the quality and use ingredients such as sweet almond oil, Epsom salts, Himalayan Pink Salt and Dead Sea salt. How & where are LB Natural Soap Co. products sold? Our products are currently sold online via our website, Etsy and other marketplace platforms. In addition to this we are now applying for a market stall in our local town. We also will be attending Christmas fairs and craft fairs. If this project is successful & you receive the funds, how will they be spent?

  • Initially - completing the development of the our new soap collection products, between 4 - 6 new products
  • Obtaining Cosmetic Safety Assessments for all soap products - £180 each (approx - £1080)
  • Branding - We currently have our labels made and we use wax paper to wrap soap but we would possibly like to have customised wax paper with our logo on. £230
  • If funds allow we will add two new body items to our collection, body scrub and face mask- £180 each for safety assessment - £360
  • Product Packaging and Labelling - Recyclable packaging (where possible) and labelling for products - £230
  • Ingredients to build up stock of the new products - (We would like to hold betwee £1500 - £2000 worth of stock so we can send orders out quickly)
  • Marketing the new collection £300 - £400
  •  We would also look into becoming Vegan Society approved as well as Soil Association approval for our organic products. (Approx: £700)
  • Total Cost for above £5000 

    Project Timeline -

    What will happen when? Everyone who makes a pledge towards this project will be added to a mailing list so you can be kept up to date on the progress at each stage. We believe that if this project is successfully funded we will be able to finalise recipes within 5 weeks, once these are done the Cosmetic Safety Assessments we be obtained, these usually take around 4-6 weeks to come back. In the meantime the packaging and labelling will be worked on so these are ready for when the paperwork is ready. We would then be looking to have the website professionally marketed and possibly have a virtual launch party. At this point we would like to say 'Thank You' for taking time to read through our crowd funding project & so learning a little more about our business. Please note: Any pledges made will be taken from your PayPal account/ card immediately & held by crowdfunder. Sponsor listings will go on our website once the funds have come through. These will then be shared heavily across all our social networking platforms. There is a reward for each pledge so you do get something for your money; a great way to try out some of our natural products! Have a look on the right hand side of this page to see the pledge amounts and the rewards they carry. Many Thanks, Bethany & Lesley LB Natural Soap Co.


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