British Made, Organic Baby Clothes to Help Mothers

Raising funds to create my first collection of British made, organic baby clothes to help vulnerable mothers & inspire young girls & women

We did it!

On 1st Apr 2018 we successfully raised £1,505 with 12 supporters in 28 days


I am seeking your help to create my first collection of beautiful vintage-style, personalised baby clothes, made in Britain from fair-trade, organic fabric and lace to help vulnerable mothers and inspire young girls.

The creation of the baby and children's clothing collection

By hand-making the collection in Britain, I want to provide well-paid, flexible and rewarding work to women who have a desire to work from home (especially mothers and widowed women).

Every Romper or Bloomers set will come beautifully personalised and packaged – Creating a unique gift to be treasured.


All fabrics and lace will be sourced ethically and organically. I strongly believe no-one should be exploited in order for me to have a sustainable business. Eco inks will be used to create my limited edition fabric patterns and recycled card and paper allow me to wrap and present each gift in a special way.


I love vintage-style and am proud of my English heritage, that’s why I will focus this collection on making rompers and bloomers using pretty floral patterns, delicate lace and elegant whites and creams.

The creation of the wellbeing collection (Phase 2)

The second part of this project will involve launching my wellbeing collection for mothers and busy women juggling life, just like me.

I am a big advocate of delicious green breakfast shakes, combined with a daily menu of raw, sugar-free and dairy-free foods. Due to my own personal experiences with food intolerances and years of searching for great alternatives (having transformed my previous food palette favourites of doughnuts and french fries to avocados and cocoa), I feel passionate about sharing fun, simple recipes that the entire family can enjoy.

There was a time when I could train twice a day and ran close to 16mins for a 5K and 33mins for a 10K. Now, with a 1 year old and 3 year old, finding the time & energy to do even a few sit-ups can be a squeeze, so I understand how busy parenting can be and that life is often a juggling act. I understand that time is precious and, how important it is to maintain balance. That’s why I’m busy working with a team of experts to create time-conscious, beautifully packaged programmes that encompass diet, exercise and the power of the mind, to bring a holistic approach to wellbeing. I also have plans to launch a very special range of personalised pamper boxes, containing luxury vegan products and handmade treats, for those few moments when mums get to pause!

My story

Giving back

Giving is very important to me and one of the reasons why Bloomers & Rompers was founded. My hope is to inspire, encourage and help change lives. 

For every gift sold, a vulnerable mother will receive a 'Love Bundle' gift (see details below) and a beautifully designed, personalised, motivational & inspiring handbook will be gifted to a young girl through the 'Love Me' programme.


Love Bundles

I understand that many expectant mothers don’t have the luxury to shop for new baby clothes. That’s why I want to partner with my customers and organisations, working with vulnerable women to provide gift packages (Love Bundles) of ‘nearly new’ brand named items to help bring a smile.

My plan is to include printable pre-paid postage labels on the B&R website and offer them with each baby clothing item sold, to provide the chance for mothers to share clothes they don’t have the opportunity to use, or that have only been worn a handful of times (which, given how quickly little ones grow, should mean that there are plenty to go around).

Having spoken to a number of charitable organisations based in London alone, I've identified a need for good quality baby items and I look forward to helping to meet this.

Love Me programme

I know from personal experience how important confidence is and that many young women are held back because of low self-esteem. I also know that a poor body image makes girls less assertive and risks health. In the UK over 50% of women are considered to be obese or overweight (Source: NHS 2017). I want to inspire simple lifestyle changes to help tomorrow’s babies to grow-up confident & healthy.

That’s why through the Love Me programme I plan to:

  • Partner with charities and organisations working with young girls and women to run short workshops
  • Personalise and give a motivational handbook to each individual participant
  • Motivate healthy eating habits and regular exercise, sharing insight into the power of superfoods and simple, fun, fitness routines that can be completed at home
  • Encourage confidence, goal setting and discovering potential with creative tasks and activities
  • Inspire girls/women to embrace who they are – with their own special, unique personalities and gifts.


The results so far:

Of the 20 women who participated in the programme in February 2018 70% said they felt more positive about themselves, 80% said they were inspired to try to incorporate ‘superfoods’ as part of a breakfast routine, and 80% said they were committed to completing the simple exercise routine daily. In order to ensure these changes are long-lasting, resources are being created to help encourage continued commitment and motivation. These include, but are not limited to, an App, Facebook page and dedicated inspirational videos.

How it all fits together

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