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An online curated store of mental and spiritual well being products and a unique tea leaf reading service.

by Zahra D’Anzi in London, England, United Kingdom

About Ore & Oracle

Ore & Oracle is an online curated store of mental and spiritual well being products and a unique tea leaf reading service. From crystals to aromatherapy candles, and meditation aids to spiritual cleansing tools, Ore & Oracle will stock products to support mental and spiritual well being. My face-to-face service offering will include tea leaf reading accompanied by meditation, tarot and Bach flower remedies which will give you practical tools to take away with you to work on your mindfulness and mental well being.

3 lifestyle images- palo santo burning, teapot pouring tea into a cup, rose quartz crystals with flower buds

Our goal

Our goal is to create a space for spiritual and mental well being which is modern, feel-good and secular through my online store and service offering. I’m hoping to bring a fresh take on shopping for spiritual and mental well being products through ethical sourcing and thoughtful curation of products online. My unique service offering aims to help people gain perspective on the queries they bring with them and provide reassurance through a more holistic approach than traditional divination services.

In recent years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding ethics and sustainable practice regarding crystal mining and the commercial industry in general. It’s vital to me that what I’m selling has come from a good place and so, I promise to take care to make sure my suppliers and own business practices are as sustainable and ethical as possible.  

Diagram explaining our mission statement: Online store & tea leaf reading service. Mental and spiritual wellbeing. Ethics and sustainability

About me

Hi! I'm Zahra. My journey to starting this business began with my ambitions to have a high-flying career within the fashion and lifestyle sector of the retail industry. However, following a three year stint at established brands, I began to realise that having a conventional career wasn’t going to be feasible alongside managing my long term health condition. My motivation for starting this business is so that I can heal myself, start a family and use my passion and gifts to improve the lives of others.

I’ve been in touch with my spirituality from a young age, having always been curious about the invisible and undefinable world around me which led me to the use of crystals, divination cards, and Reiki.  I really feel as though I’m meant to be doing more in life and have much more to offer the world.

With my professional background in design, photography and illustration, the imaginative and intuitively fuelled art of reading tea leaves came to me naturally. Tea also happens to be what my husband and I first bonded over. My keen interest in psychology and clair-gifts fuelled my need to understand the way other people’s minds work and help to give them some perspective. I have a certificate in Reiki but my business plan involves developing my training in advanced Usui Reiki, tarot, Bach flower remedies and sound healing.

3 portraits of Zahra holding tea cup, crystals an dowsing Bach flower remedies

My story

If you had mentioned the words 'meditation' and 'mindfulness' to me a few years ago, I would have rolled my eyes at you. I spent years looking at my health from a physiological perspective until I learnt that I was approaching my health and wellbeing totally from the wrong angle. However, the past year I decided to re-focus my efforts for health management through meditation and a much deeper level of therapy. At the same time, I began experimenting with divination techniques to reassure my anxieties and using natural remedies to help me cope with difficult emotions. I've now become a meditation convert and advocate for all of the above.

I started looking for spiritual supply shops near me but couldn’t find any near me or at a reasonable price. Most of the crystal shops I knew were far away, old fashioned with dusty carpets with an odd assortments of products. I found some amazing online stores on Instagram but was disappointed to find they were based on the other side of the world - expensive shipping fees, restrictions on importing products and lengthy waiting times for delivery. There was definitely a gap in the UK market that I hoped to fill.

This is how the idea to create my own online business selling spiritual items and mental well being tools in the UK came to be. 

How will your money be spent?

The first stage of my business plan involves setting up my online site, building up my social media following, acquiring stock, and marketing the business online through paid advertising. I’m also aiming to build contacts with established well being centres and market locally in physical locations.

Our first goal to raise £2,000 will help us to:

  • Buy initial stock to launch the site 
  • Pay for online advertising to boost social following and encourage sales
  • Pay for print advertising to raise awareness in the surrounding areas

Our stretch goal to raise £3,000 will help us to:

  • Invest in packaging and labelling for our online store 
  • Training courses to achieve official certification in advanced Usui Reiki, tarot card reading, flower remedies and sound healing.
  • Potential to expand to other brands and develop our own products.

We need your help!

As part of the Back Her Business 'Bring It' competition, we have the opportunity to receive a £500 grant if we raise at least £500 total from a minimum of 10 different supporters. We also have the chance to win grant prizes from £2,020 up to £10,000 based on the amount we raise, number of supporters, our marketing campaign, project page, and answers to judges' questions. 

Here are 4 ways you can help support our business if you're unable to make a pledge.

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Times are rough. Help us, yourselves, the ones you love and the wider community by making a pledge towards our campaign. 

We’ve put together a selection of lower value rewards so you can afford to support yourself or send a small gift to someone dear to you during this difficult time. Some of our rewards now include a donation to The Trussell Trust charity which supports UK foodbanks. 

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

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From the heart

Support yourself or send some calm and reassurance to a loved one with a Bach Rescue Plus Mixed Berry lozenge pack and protective crystal Angel. For more details, please scroll to the bottom of our campaign page.

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Mini Quartz Geode + Brew Tea Co English Breakfast (loose leaf tea 113g)

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What's your smudge

Californian white sage smudge stick 12 cm + Mystery crystal

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In the near future

You'll receive a 3 card spread reading via email. 100% of this pledge will be donated towards The Trussell Trust charity supporting UK foodbanks.

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Get grounded

Working from home or out on the front-line? This toolkit will help to keep you grounded and calm. A box of our favourite Earl Grey loose leaf Tea from Brew Tea Co., a 10ml Bach Flower rescue remedy to keep you cool in all situations, a gorgeous Uruyaguan cluster for calm, black Tourmaline crystal and fragrant Palo Santo stick to cleanse and purify your space. PLUS £5 donation to Trussell Trust charity supporting UK foodbanks.

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Ultimate Oracle

Tarot reading (via Skype est. June) + 1x Californian white sage smudge stick 12 cm + Indian Apophyllite cluster + 1x Bach flower remedy + Mini Quartz Geode + Mini Selenite tower + Uruguayan Amethyst cluster + 3x Peruvian Palo Santo sticks + Brew Tea Co Earl Grey (loose leaf tea 113g) + Brew Tea Co English Breakfast (loose leaf tea 113g)

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