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Buzz It!

Food and Drinks Ordering Service through a mobile phone app allowing customers to save time for a better customer experience.

We did it!

On 18th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £60 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

The aim from the crowd funding donations is to allow business partner and I to start up a mobile app ordering service that has extreme potentials in its uses, location and the ability to allow friends more time to socialise and free up time.

About the project

The application will allow users to place and pay for orders in pubs,  restaurants and hotels through their phone. This will work using unique identifiers at the tables and a e-menu on the app. This will allow customers to avoid the busy bar congestion and problems associated with them.

The business idea is very ambitious but with a lot of hard work it can be accomplished and become a vital component of any business.

The management team has tackled small projects before but not on such an adventurous scale. This being said, the management team are owners in the company and responsible for the idea and start-up of the company so there is a vast amount of drive and determination to make this a successful and prosperous business.

The business idea was initially planned to allow bars to receive orders from customers via an electronic device (smart phone) to provide table service. This would allow the customer to view a full menu list of drinks that could be placed and this would allow them to relax and enjoy the company of their friends etc without having to go to a busy bar, queue and order.

When looking at the idea we had theorised that we were limiting ourselves and limiting the service provided to the customer. This led to us expanding the scope of our initial plan to incorporate the full venue menu (drinks and food) as the application database will work on the same basis and algorithms and would not require any great deal more work but will greatly benefit both the customer and the venues hosting the application.

The concept of the application really started to take form as the future possibilities were discussed. Design alterations that allow us to expand into different areas of business easily were built into the plan while still providing the same fundamental ideas of the application, which is to provide a service to businesses which in turn allows their customers an easy way to order a product that is for sale in a specified location as well as the functionality to book tables, pre-orders, takeaways and book rooms.

With this in mind, our main goal is to focus on the main structure of the application which involves the website, database and mobile application interface. This structure will then be implemented for use in bars, restaurants and hotels.

By using the application, customers will be able to save time and make the process of ordering quick and easy. Once venues have been signed up to use the application, customer loyalty deals can be set up dependant on the target businesses customer requirements.

This application will be based mainly in Scotland for the start up, this will allow us to build a strong business relationship with local business owners in different cities and then expand using what we have learned.

The money raised will go towards different aspacts of the business as and when it is required. 

The donations we receive will give the contributors a percentage of the net income of the company over a 2 year period. This can be viewed as an opportunity to help a business get started by turning a great idea into reality and a possible investment opportunity.


Figure 1. Shows Estimated Earnings with a 100 contracts over 2 years.



Table 1. Shows Estimated Earnings figured as shown above.


These figures are estimated on the sales of drinks solely so this will increase significantly by implementing the food model as well. 


The Scotsman Newspapaer have published an article on Buzz It! Check it out.



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