Orchid-Star - Merge - CD album

by Orchid-Star in London, England, United Kingdom

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We would love to see our 3rd album on CD (not just digital) and are offering some nice incentives to encourage you to help make this happen

by Orchid-Star in London, England, United Kingdom

Orchid-Star have been playing together since 2005. Our last attempt to describe what we do was psychedelic world fusion and tribal funk. We haven't gigged for a while but will be back out this year to celebrate the release of our third album 'Merge' which has taken 5 years to complete. We will be releasing it digitally in the spring regardless but would love to see it on  CD too, like its predecessors, but CD sales nowadays are an unreliable thing so before we go for it we want to know we can pre-fund at least most of it.
So we're here!
If you like what we do we have a range of incentives to encourage you to be a part of this - from simply getting the album cheaper than even a download, through some extra goodies including the previous albums Faster and Birth (with additional remixes from Youth, Tripswitch, Kuba & Subsonar), to getting a named thank you on the artwork right up to  leaving your mark on musical history(!) with a specially dedicated remix of your favourite Orchid-Star track.

We couldn't really list/think of every possible combination of goodies to offer so we've done some as add-ons so you can combine them but if you have a suggestion/offer to make (a private gig could even be possible!) just message us and if we can do it we'll add it on the page as another reward!


There are some short extracts on the video above and you can check out some longer samples of all the tracks here: soundcloud.com/pete-ardron/orchid-star-merge-album-taster-mix

or check us out here: orchidstar.info
or here: facebook.com/Orchid-Star-27373838235

NB. So we can keep the amount for the rewards as cheap as they are, regardless of where you are in the world, we will ask you to pay something towards postage on some of them - but only what it's going to cost us (or less if you go for multiple goodies!) and we will probably be having a free London launch party so you can also come and pick it up there in person

"Orchid-Star, helmed by the enigmatic Pete Ardron, create a unique experience through their world trance electronica fusion of influences.Combined with Pete's perfectionist production criteria it is a sound to behold, fearless in its vision and sublime epic ambition yet fragile and very delicate in the details. Behold! and give thanks such rare flowers such as these still exist in these difficult times."

"I find the music of Pete Ardron, particularly his Orchid-Star project, really hits the spot for me - it's a beautifully attractive blend of delightfully trippy electronic grooviness, crafted with loads of sure-footed musicality - harmonically stunning. Highly recommended."
Martin Russell (Afro Celt Sound System)

"I have the pleasure of seeing many, many bands live over the years all over the globe, but there really is no other live band like Orchid-Star. They are simply exquisite with the perfect blend of electronic and world music with simply stunning vocals. No matter how many times I see them perform it still makes the hair on my neck rise!!!!"
Bruce Elliott-Smith (Grammy award winning writer)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£4 or more

Add a CD of our second album 'Faster'

Add a CD of our second album 'Faster' - signed if your copy of Merge is. Only in conjunction with rewards including 'Merge'

£6 or more

CD copy of the album

Cheaper than a download, but to keep it that cheap worldwide we will ask you to pay postage (at cost) on top of this, unless you want to pick it up at the launch party

£7 or more

Add a double CD of our first album 'Birth'

Add a double CD of our first album 'Birth' which comes with reBirth - remixes by Youth, Tripswitch, Kuba, Subsonar and Pete Ardron - signed if your copy of Merge is. Only in conjunction with rewards including 'Merge'

£8 or more

Add a signed A2 poster of the album artwork

Add a signed A2 poster of the album artwork. Only in conjunction with rewards including 'Merge'

£10 or more

Signed CD album

CD copy signed by (at least) the 3 main members of the band We will ask you to pay postage (at cost) on top of this, or pick it up at the launch party

£15 or more

Signed CD plus a named thank you on the album

A signed copy of the CD plus a named thank you on the album cover. If you're outside the UK we'll have to get you to pay a bit towards postage

£100 or more

5 signed CDs, all the above and a dedicated remix

As well as getting all the goodies - signed CDs and poster and a very big thank you on the album artwork (in June like everyone else) you can choose your favourite Orchid-Star track (of any album) and we will do a remix specially for you - we'll get your name in the title somewhere (if you want) and put it out there - free and/or on sale

£500 or more

All the above, up to 125 CDs and our undying love

If you pledge our full target amount we will not only send you everything previously listed, including a big thank you on the back cover and the dedicated remix, to show you our undying love and gratitude, but also happily treat it as a wholesale order of up to 125 copies of the album (signed if you want!) in one go or whenever you want. Happy also to substitute some of those with the other albums

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