Orcam for my dad

Orcam for my dad

A device came out that is changing the lives for visually impaired and blind people called Orcam. There are two types - Orcam Reader and...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A device came out that is changing the lives for visually impaired and blind people called Orcam. There are two types - Orcam Reader and Orcam Eye. As I am fully blind I would benefit most from the Orcam Eye which costs £2400. The orcam eye allows me to read things that people take for granted. Instructions on a packet, menus, signs or even read one of my old books that are now dust cllectors on shelves as you cannot beat the feeling of turning a page.

But Orcam does so much more. It recognises objects and friend faces so you know you are safe when out. It will allow me to enjoy shopping again or having a social life or being able to read what is on the shelves and signs so I enter the ladies and not the mens toilets. It also stores images of items in its memory so I can point to a bottle. This will aviod nasty accidents I have had like mixing bleach gel and shower gel when they use the same shaped bottles. It will allow me to read my mail in private and give me so much independence. it will tell me if the traffic lights are red or green when crossing the road. Everyone who has one has said it has changed their lives and given so much back that they lost. Here is another demonstration of how useful it is A Demonstration of the Orcam MyEye from Orcam

Please watch the videos as they shows you how many ways it will give my father his independents back  Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal

my father is a hard working man and In 2008, He started noticing lots of those floating, see-through blood vessels, which became stars and snowflakes, in his left eye. He went to the optician and he could see that He had a huge tear in my retina. He sent him straight to hospital, and things quite literally got darker from there. By the end of that year, He couldn’t see anything at all, and life changed beyond all recognition.

He's had so many things taken away from me, some almost overnight, others over months and years. Driving was the first thing to go. No more jumping in the car to go wherever He liked,

He had to learn to deal with how people treat him And has been left talking to him self many times, when the other person has left the room or walked away. Things like that are a huge blow to your confidence, and you find yourself shrinking away. Then there’s the really important things, like seeing his children and grandchildren grow up. He's  never seen my granddaughter Isabella’s face. So something like this orcam could change his life we have tried government funding but there is very little or no funding available and as a family we have tried saving for it but have got nowhere close please donate what ever you can afford and change my dads life for ever