Oranges & Lemons

A dark comedy about a family feud that has been ensuing for four decades. A story of love, hate and so much more.

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On 24th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £930 with 29 supporters in 28 days

Hello, and welcome to the Crowdfunder Page for the upcoming short film, Oranges & Lemons.  We are so happy to have you on our page so take a look around, read through our material, give our video a watch, and maybe if you feel like donate some money!


Two houses both alike in dignity in fair Cornwall where we lay our scene…. It’s no Shakespearean tale but the Grants and the Ainsworths have been sparring for decades. Instead of using crime and violence we see them playing childish pranks for each other to exact their revenge, but why are they fighting in the first place. Only one person knows, but is she ready to spill the secret?

The Grants are a proud family who  likes to keep things old fashioned, from the cigars they smoke, to the Whiskey they sip. The Ainsworths, however, are a rich modern family with only three things that matter to them. Money, Art and their reflection! 

Our Concept

This short film is a fusion of genres, it's got the Gangster Noir of The Godfather meeting the comedic value of Bad Neighbours. Our aim is to produce a film that looks beautiful, serious and dark, but that will leave you in stitches. our two families are opposites from each other, they have different styles, different taste and different methods of sabotage. for this, we are creating two separate worlds to help visually distinguish what's going one. 

Meet the Crew

Director: Jake Hourd

Jake Hourd is making his directing debut in Oranges & Lemons. He is passionate about this concept not only because it puts a fun and ridiculous twist on the classic mobster film, but it is also his original concept. Jake has waited until his third year at university to pursue directing as he has spent his time exploring the other various avenues within film to learn more about the overall process before attempting the role he has always wanted to do. He will use this combined knowledge to help communicate his ideas to the rest of the crew in order for everyone to get just as passionate about the project as he is and hopefully create an entertaining piece of art. Jake is trying to explore whether or not it is possible to make a classically gritty mobster film with this kind of comical twist. The film aims to have a running commentary on class division and the perception held that class is defined by your accent or social upbringing.

Producer: Sophie-Anna Taylor

Sophie-Anna is an aspiring producer/Assistant Director currently studying at Falmouth University.  Throughout her studies, it has been her mission to gain as much industry experience as possible and has credited work on The Hotel Inspector Revisited for Five, The Coroner for BBC1 and soon to be aired Delicious for Sky1. She hopes to bring her knowledge of the industry across into the production work for this unique project. This project interested her because of its originality and the way it's different from other projects she's worked on before. Once complete, Sophie-Anna is excited to enter O&L into film festivals internationally believing this film will certainly stand out as something different and entertaining.  Although working away to keep everyone on target while in pre-production stages, her main focus will be ensuring Jake's project comes gets made to his vision and making sure every member of the crew are happy with how the project is going. 

Writer: Charles Evans 

Charlie is currently in the third year of his film degree at Falmouth university. He is an aspiring writer/director, and hopes to carry on making short films after university. Oranges & Lemons is one of two short films he has written that will be made this year at Falmouth university. He hopes to continue making short films after graduating, and hopefully one day move on to feature films. He enjoys projects that are a little bit outside the box which is why the idea of Oranges & Lemons appealed to him. His favorite directors include Edgar Wright, Taika Waititi and the Coen Brothers.

Director of Photography: Thomas Murphy 

Thomas Murphy is the Director of Photography for this project. Over the past couple of years, he has worked on a variety of different projects and believes that Oranges & Lemons is the perfect next step. He is constantly experimenting with different styles and approaches, hoping to use this knowledge to add an extra dynamic to the final piece. Thomas is excited to work on this project due to its interesting take on your classic gangster film. He will take inspiration from these classic films of this genre to drive the strong comedic elements forward in the piece. He is excited to work with a passionate director and team to produce a funny and entertaining while dark and gritty short.

Editor: Liam Stradling


Liam Stradling is the editor of this project. He has spent the last few years experimenting on the post-production front and is now ready for this role. After contributing to a few different projects over the years, Liam has decided to try his hand at a more light-hearted piece, turning to Oranges & Lemons for its satirical and upbeat approach. He is ready to experiment with the editing and grading to set the tone of the film and keep the pace flowing, representing the multiple contrasting factors in a beneficial way. The skills that he brings to the table will fit alongside the rest of the team’s to produce an exciting and entertaining film.

Production Designer: Lo Hayes 

Originally from L.A., Lo is the Production Designer for Oranges & Lemons. She loves to express herself through any artist medium she can get her hands on. She enjoys painting and restoring furniture, playing with puppies, and crafting through the night. She is currently in her last year of university and hopes to work in television after she graduates. She plans to stay in the U.K. after University and have a pet pug who she can paint all day with.

Production Assistant: Susanne Dale 

Susanne Olivia Dale is the production assistant for this project. She has helped organize several different projects in the past, from charity balls to festivals, but is now focusing on pursuing a career within film and television. Oranges & Lemons is one of her first projects within the field, and she is thrilled to be part of the production of this highly promising dark comedy.

Why this Project?

We believe this concept is something fun and not seen before but to make it happen we need you! To make this film as stunning as we want it we need the best locations, brilliant props and paid actors! We are aiming for £1750 but let us show you how we would break that up. 

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