Please help! Optimum Joy Health, Bistro and Beauty

Healthy cafe offering plant based food and alternative treatments in need of refurb to replace tired interior, extend offerings and hours

We did it!

On 10th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £470 with 28 supporters in 14 days

Hi readers,

Optimum Joy is a healthy cafe bistro offering plant based food and complementary and alternative therapies.

We have been trading for 2 years and the business was borne of my personal journey.

I spend most of my 20’s battling severe depression and anxiety. I tried many different types of conventional medicine and they all made me worse.  

Eventually I discovered and used a combination of healthy eating, and alternative therapies to bring myself back to wellness.

I wanted to put this magical combination under one roof for people. I wanted to make peoples journeys as easy as possible, I wanted to give back and share what I have learned.

I have now built a great team and everyone here at Optimum Joy believes that healthy eating should be accessible to all, joyful, and delicious!!! We put so much love into the food, all prepared from scratch on site with no added preservatives or other nasties.

All of the food is suitable for vegans and most of it for people with gluten intolerances.

We have the most wonderful and dedicated therapists here who provide a great range of treatments.

We are currently growing the beauty side of the business with a focus on ethical and safe products.

So why are we crowdfunding?

There are several things to achieve really-

Firstly, feedback has been that we need a more prominent frontage for the café as lots of people say that they are unsure who we are and what we do and it puts them off from coming in.

We would like to open in the evenings and start selling healthy take outs, for this we need some better cooking equipment and the café needs some updating inside to take it from the day to night look.

Other feedback has been that the furnishings in the café do not compliment the quailty of our food and they have got a little tired in the two years.

We have been able to fund the a lot of the first stage refurb with a loan, we have already relocated our commercial kitchen within the premises but some unforeseen circumstances have caused us extra costs and our budget has dwindled.

The next stage of the refurb is booked from the 1st  we are moving forward positively, however some extra funding would make the difference between finishing the job very bascially and something really special.

Your pledges would mean such an awful lot to us, really! Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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