New Optical Measure

New Optical Measure

To produce a new way to measure, store and re-create vital measurements required for the supply of glasses via the internet worldwide.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

To produce a new way to measure, store and re-create vital measurements required for the supply of glasses via the internet worldwide.

We have been supplying spectacle lenses via the internet for over 10 years now, the success of which is in part due to a device we created 7 years ago.

In order to supply various types of lenses to internet customers, online companies have issues transferring measurements from one frame to another different one. This is an issue that is the same for all companies worldwide. On the high street the customer is always present when the measurements are taken, so checking and correcting these is easy, for the  internet to supply, no so!

There isn't an accepted way to take, store and transfer a measurement that will allow complex spectacle lenses to be supplied with reliable accuracy for the customer. 

We have devised a method of doing this and have been using a tool for over 7 years now that gives repeatable results time and time again, with dependable accuracy. This means there is less waste and errors made, which means the perception of professionalism for the customer is higher and reinforces the ability of the internet to supply such lenses that were previously only supplied accurately by the high street.

We have had the device capability reviewed by recognised professionals in the field of optics in the UK. They have all agreed and appreciate its accuracy and repeatability.

There have been steps taken to protect the mechanism for the measurements required. If awarded we will be the only suppliers of the device ever.

The device will be provided as a pre-loaded tablet with the programme that is locked, this will be sold to the users as a single device, there are no licence agreements required, if more devices are required then they can be purchased separately, in any multiples wanted.

The device will also have data from lens companies that supply the market, once the measurements are taken and stored, the device will allow the user to access their lens supplier data to generate accurate order data for the processing of lens orders.

The optical suppliers can ‘advertise’ their products on the tablet, the suppliers will have to pay for this, the data can be updated whenever required with new products or changes to existing ones. There are many suppliers in the world of optics from lenses, consumables and machinery  that would be happy to use this platform the promote their products to a captive and interested audience.

We have already spoken with an established programme specialists for the production of the soft wear, it can be done and will not take too much time to develop. Any possible glitches have already been identified while using our own devices for the last 7 years.

Once this is in operation there is no reaon why companies worldwide wouldn't want it, the basics of optcis are the same in whichever country you come from or supply.