Optical flagship store, the image, the brand

by Mabrouk Boughanmi in Poole, England, United Kingdom

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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The flagship store is the most valuable to the company in terms of image, reputation, and location, and it is typically the main store in an

by Mabrouk Boughanmi in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Throughout my optical career, I worked for a variety of companies, including

Melson Wingate in Winton, Vision Express, Scrivens, and Specsavers, where I

spent 12 years.

These businesses encouraged me to provide excellent customer support, high-

quality goods, and brand security.

Forspex Optical Warehouse aims to introduce stores across the country,

initiating in the south, with the intention of developing a brand that provides

greater value to consumers frames at fair prices. However according to market

research, consumers believe we are not the place to buy fashionable

glasses.  That is one objective we wanted to change

Optical goods are advertised throughout the social media at really low prices

but it is difficult for the patient to try them.

That was the first thing we wanted to change. Optical goods are advertised at

extremely low prices on social media, but it is difficult for patients to try them.

that is the second goal.

Throughout the business's franchising, we wanted to demonstrate our frame

range, improve the theory that low-cost glasses equal less value, raise

awareness among non-shoppers, and appraise our fashionable frames and

introduce our own branded frames.

Yell is a well-known web designer who works with a variety of businesses and

has a large audience, so they created a website for us that introduced a brand

that sells stylish and affordable glasses.

Utilize Yell to promote our strength of stylish, high-quality, and fashionable

glasses at a low cost, our like-for-like price comparison with competitors, using

leaflets, and offering discounts on social media via an advertising campaign run

by WSS [email protected]

We used this strategy when we opened our first store on Ashley Road,

Poole and the customer response was extremely positive,  we have grown

from strength to strength. Patients in Poole are aware of our presence, and we

have dispensed a few patients, but opticians have never been an everyday

procurement, so patients will come to us when they are due for a transaction.

Our website is viewed 600 to 2400 times per month, and we are also followed

on social media. All of these are positive results that support the idea of

opening a third store to expand the brand and take it to the next level of


I've now reached the point where I want to open the flagship store, but I've suffered financially as a result of Covid 19. As a new company, I can't even claim anything from the government because it's a limited company, and I just found out today that I'll be receiving a small grant. I was fighting for growth, but now I'm fighting for survival.

According to my experience, the profit margin in glasses ranges from 1000 percent to anything much higher, and I am confident that this project will employ a large number of people in the future, and I have the experience to make it happen.

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