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Opportunities for Young People with disabilities

by Notts Clubs for Young People in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom


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Notts CYP would like to offer 2 new projects for our young people with learning disabilities. Meet, Greet &Eat and Women's fitness project.

by Notts Clubs for Young People in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People (Notts CYP) is a voluntary youth organisation that is dedicated to helping young people in Nottinghamshire be healthy, safe, confident and successful. Notts CYP are passionate about ensuring equality of opportunity for the most marginalised young people in Nottinghamshire, therefore have always worked hard to target young people with the greatest disadvantage; many from areas of deprivation, with low social mobility and social isolation. 

The new ‘Meet, Greet and Eat’ project, will provide a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for our young people with additional needs to thrive and gain work-based skills. The project will require the young people to recipe plan, prepare and cook a meal and dessert, and serve it to a group.  People with learning disabilities are recognised as being at higher risk of experiencing safeguarding issues, isolation and poor lifelong attainment. Our young people are caught in a cycle of unemployment and low academic achievement. Therefore, we would like to start this new project for young people to gain valuable work skills. This program will offer a positive experience in a supportive environment in which they can develop. The participants feel comfortable and safe at Monty Hind, therefore can be supported to improve their employability, make positive contributions to their community and be enabled to have a full and active role in their local area. The new ‘Meet, Greet and Eat’ project will allow the young people aged 18 – 25years to gain valuable work experience, independence skills and develop communication and social skills. They will also be supported to gain their Level 2 Food Safety in Catering course. The need for this type of work-related program is apparent and our young people all have a negative experience of their treatment in the community. Most of our members will have never had the opportunity to be part of the employment market, due to their challenges and disabilities not being catered for. Therefore, this ‘Meet, Greet and Eat’ program will encourage the participants to have work aspirations and make sure each young volunteer recognises that they have a purpose and that they can make a positive contribution to society.  

The Women's Fitness project 'Get Active' will work with a group of young women with disabilities to support them to feel comfortable and confident to become active and get involved with physical activity.  The project will be a 2 hour session each week and involve 16 young women with differing disabilities. There will be 2 members of staff and 1 volunteer supporting the sessions to ensure that the young women's emotional, personal and behavioural needs are catered for. Hopefully these sessions will develop a lifelong desire to stay active and improve physical and mental health.  Notts CYP offer sports and exercise opportunities for our young people as it is essential for their social, mental and physical well being. Many of our young people only attend our sessions and rarely leave their house other than to come to our centre. This project will enable the young women to take part in physical exercise, aiding their mental health and enhancing their social skills. During a generic session that we offer many of the young women do not like to take part in sports and exercise, choosing to watch or take part in other activities happening (Arts and crafts, singing, baking). Therefore these specific sessions just for young women will be a part of their weekly routine, a regular session for them to get active, something to  look forward to and will improve their health and general well being.  Young people with disabilities struggle in social situations and due to this would not feel confident to participate in sports or activities in different settings, such as a gym or leisure centre. They feel safe at Monty hind and can take part in the activities without judgment or prejudice and with the support of their peers and friends. The new equipment will enable us to offer different, new and exciting sports for the young people to try. Not only will be project enable the young people to become more active but they will also develop their personal and social skills, communication skills, confidence and self-esteem helping them to achieve their full potential and lead a better quality of life. Many of our young women lead sedentary lifestyles, some struggle with their weight and many take part in no physical activity (only to walk to and from the bus/tram stop). Many of the young women have no interest in being active and need constant motivation. This project aims to tackle these barriers and offer a fun and positive opportunity in a safe and supportive environment in which they can develop. We will deliver lots of different activities and sports to ensure the sessions are fun and not monotonous. 

Let's make 'Opportunities for Young People with disabilities' happen

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