Operation Circus

We're a community circus group raising money for much needed aerial rig for a our new dedicated circus space in Kings Heath.

We did it!

On 17th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £3,970 with 68 supporters in 28 days

We're a community circus group raising money for much needed aerial rig for a our new dedicated circus space in Kings Heath. We have LOTS of rewards from training, to photo shoots, to open practice time to hoodies bags and everything you could ever want from a circus! Welcome... to Operation Circus! 

Ten-HUT! Wakey wakey ladies and gents, grab those noses, stilts on, and fall in! Your local circus needs YOU! Yes, even you, person afraid of heights and unable to juggle. 

An advance guard of circus crack troops has already crossed the border into Kings Heath and set up a forward operating base in a disused building. Having established themselves in the area they launched Phase One of the master plan; Pop Up The Big Top. Through their sterling efforts and the help of generous supporters, All Saints Centre has been transformed into a bright and welcoming space for all the community. Spiders were evicted, paint was liberally applied, and many impromptu human pyramids were formed. But that was just the start, now it’s time for this circus to go airborne!

Phase Two; Operation Circus, will see this team take to the skies, teaching young and old, bendy and flexibility impaired, bold and timid alike to achieve the impossible and soar through the air. Achieving this requires unlimited patience, a love of circus and teaching, and a top class aerial rigging system. CircusMASH has the first two in spades, but needs YOUR help to raise the £15,000 needed for the kit.

 What will my money go towards and why should I back this campaign?

All funds raised will go towards the purchase of a safe and secure rigging system that will enable CircusMASH to support people learning and developing in the air. With the funds raised we can also update our fire doors & rigging equipment. Once this objective is achieved CircusMASH can continue with their long term mission to promote and support the development of circus in the West Midlands. But, much as they say on those TV informercials, THAT’S NOT ALL!

Support the cause and reap the rewards! We’re talking more than nice fuzzy feelings, there are amazing rewards on offer for supporters. From lessons on the equipment you helped to fund, to days for your whole family, office, or school, the Cirque Sargents are ready and willing to put you through your paces!

 Join us! Sign up now to support YOUR local circus!

The operation so far:

June 2013: Building visited.October 2014: Initial Proposals to take over building submitted.March 2014: Proposal approved.April 2014: Phase One Launch: ‘Pop up the Big Top’.October 2014: £8,000 Raised.February 2014: Lease signed and renovation started.June 2015: Renovation work complete.October 2015: Operation Circus Go!




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