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My lack of equipment is holding me back. My business could grow if I could speed up my preparation process. This campaign could help that.

by Crafts Outrageous in London, England, United Kingdom

I am Val, owner and creator at Crafts Outrageous.  I have always been a crafter, from a young child who was taught to knit by my paternal grandmother at the age of maybe 7 or 8 to the 59 year old I have become.

 I have tried most of the crafts there are to try, not all have been successful and some were outright failures.  I love to learn, I need to know more, crafting is in my DNA, its a part of who I am.

I have recently fallen in love with wooden signs, and this is the reason for my Crowdfunding.  I am selling but in order to bring my smiles to the masses I need to speed up my process, and for this I need to be able to make my preparation quicker.

How can I do this ?  Well as usual I go in for the all or nothing approach.  I wasted my money on a small hobby type compressor with a spray gun attachment.  Big mistake ?  well yes I broke it after its first use.  I used too thick a paint and the compressor was not quick enough to make it any quicker than getting out a paint roller and completing the job by hand.  But hey we live and learn dont we.

I need to up my game a little and this is where I hope you will feel sorry for me.  I need to raise some much needed funds for a suitable compressor with a spray gun attachment.

Why cant I just fund this myself ??? Well the reason for that is I have three teenage children (19 years, 18 years and soon to be 17 years) and these children are still in full time education and living at home, yes they are still growing and they still need to be supported by their parents (mainly me who is a sucker for a sob story) and they drain my cash quicker than the bath water disappears down the plug hole.  So I am asking for some support from people who can sympathize with my plight.

What will you get for your donations, well firstly you with get my very grateful thanks, secondly if you ever feel the need to order a wooden sign you will receive a 10% discount and free postage to any UK mainland address. If you are lucky I might even do a little thank you video and tell my page likers what a wonderful person you are and pass on your business or facebook page name if you have one.

Well I have waffled on for long enough so will let you decide if you feel pity for me and want to donate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Let's make 'OPERATION SPRAY GUN' happen