Operation Christmas ShoeBox For Samaritan's Child

I have filled a shoebox full of christmas gifts for a child less fortunate than me. I take this into my school. We have a class competition.I do this each year but this year I have asked my mum to help me send 10 more. She explained that I would have to learn how to raise money to send so many more as each box costs £15 to fill. I need either to raise the money or get 10 sets of flannel, toothpaste, tennis ball, felt tips, drawing pads, starburst sweeties. Please can you help me achieve this?

We did it!

On 15th Nov 2013 we successfully raised £300 of £300 target with 11 supporters in 28 days

Hi, my name is Zander and I am 8 years old. Each year at school we are asked to fill a shoebox with gifts for a child less fortunate than ourselves. Many of these children have no toys, pens, paper and some have never even tasted a sweet before. I feel sad for these children and this year as we filled our box I told my mum I wanted to send not one box but 10.

She told me this was going to be too expensive as each box costs around £15 to create so I told her I would raise the money to do it if she would help me. She told me about this great idea called crowd funding to raise funds for community projects and charities and I asked her to help me get it set up!

We are holding a competition in school and the class who manage to send in the most shoeboxes are the winners.

I am in 4L and I really want to help my teacher make sure our class wins and help 10 more children to have a gift box this year.

I would be so pleased if you feel you could help me.


Zander Wink

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