Operation Resurface

by Operation:Resurface in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

Operation Resurface
We did it
On 27th October 2020 we successfully raised £1,035 with 22 supporters in 42 days

The Aim of our project is to create a surf retreat for veterans, using Surf Therapy to help support them in their Mental Health Journey

by Operation:Resurface in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

The project is a business, after we are established we will go to the charity commission and seek Chariable Status. Wehope to run a surf retreat that will teach veterans how to surf, whilst providing surf therapy. As the name implies, Surf Therapy utilizes the ocean for its mental health benefits, such as increasing self-efficacy, alleviating insomnia, and improving cognitive concentration. 

For further information on surf therapy and its benefits, I highly recommend reading this article by surfer today. https://www.surfertoday.com/surfing/surf-therapy-a-new-way-to-treat-anxiety-stress-ptsd-and-more

We at Operation:Resurface firmly believe that if "a Veteran is thinking about Surfing tomorrow they aren't thinking about killing themselves today"

 As a business our promise is that any profit we make will go back in to the surf retreat, training of the veterans, and future proofing our project to provide longevity. Our project is set up to help support the Military Community, we believe a surf retreat in Newquay, Cornwall, the surf capital of the UK is the perfect way to do this.

 Our hope is with your support we can purchase a building, that we can turn in to a high aspect surf retreat with plenty of onsite facilities that will also be open to the pubic. This will create a conversation and a safe place for everyone. We want to create and build lodges for people to stay in. Should we grow enough we will look at putting in half way houses for Veterans to stay in short and long term. We also are aiming to provide jobs and training to help them achieve their best. With us they can work in the shop, bar, gym, become surf instructors, and learn new skills too. We are slowly partnering with ventures to offer after care support for those who come on, they will help provide mentorship and encouragement in personal development and for work place help.

We will be doing fundraising in the mean time, in the hope to boost our final achieved amount. The founder of the project will be doing the full Cornish Coastal path to raise funds.  

The military has one of the Highest Suicide rates of all industries in the UK, not just those who have left but also amongst those serving. Having battled for many years against my own desires to end my life. I found surfing. Surf Therapy is a great way to tackle the big questions in life whilst learning an awesome skill. Surf Therapy has been proven very successful over the years, that has been seen in other project like The Wave Project. The benefits of surfing on Mental health, and the evidence to support it is Incontrovertible. We hope that through our base we can provide more research in to the benefits of Surf Therapy.

We hope with our new building supported by you, we can create that safe culture for our veterans and serving personal. But also create jobs for the local community, provide training for the Veterans who use the project. On the side of this we will be able to create a shop to sell our branded clothing, to sell surf boards and also launch our surf hire too. Whilst always putting the surf retreat first, to give them ample surf lessons, to teach surf etiquette, and how the tides and surf work. We hope to offer mentorship and grow the commuity having vets support vets.

Our short term goals are to purchase a venue and use this time of uncertaintly to get set up and ready to role. With our own building we can cut back on rent and unnecessary monthly spending on rent. We also hope to set up the shop and get our branded clothing in. With our own building we can run the surf retreat, hold yoga classes, start our gym, cafe and build the community centre for all to use. Providing care to anyone who needs it as well.

Long term we hope to have all our short term goals ticked off. We are looking at building a mentorship program, and a support netwrok from this. We hope to be able to offer an in house surf school to raise up the generation of Veteran surf instructors. Also Providing Jobs for those who need them when they come to us. Further to this we hope to be able to work in collaboration with local board shaper to design board for specific disabilities. And also specialist wetsuits for amputees so that they have good equipment perfectly suited for them.

We are currently in talks with two buildings, one an old ware house and one and old hotel. We need your support. We have said we will only do this now if the public is on board. We completly understand this is a hard time to give. But apreciate any help offered.

As a reward for supporting us, we have come up with an incentive program, each donation inludes the previous reward. (the naming of a lodge is over ridden by the naming of a floor, and you also get the 20% in place of the 10% dicounts, unfortunately you dont get both) 

£0-49 Name on the donars wall

£50-74 An Op:Resurface tee 

£75-99 An Op:resurface Hat

£100-249 10% supporters discount card for life

£250-400  20% supporters discount card for life

Any Donation over £1000 an Honourary Directors Role 

Any Donation over £15,000 a Surf Lodge named after you or who you decide

Any Donation over £80,000 A floor named after you or who you choose


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1-49 Name on the supporters wall

Any Donation betwee £1-49 will get you name written on our supporters wall inside our building so everyone can see who has helped us achieve our goal

£50 or more

£50 -74 Teeshirt

Donate between 50 and 74 you will get an Op Resurface Tee shirt

£75 or more

£75+ Tee Shirt and Hat reward

With you donation of £75 plus you will get a Tee and a Hat. Hat all one size

£100 or more

£100 10% discount

This will offer you a 10% discount for all shop/bar/cafe/surf hire for life

£250 or more

£250 20%discount for life

THis will over you 20% off for life in Shop/bar/cafe/surf hire for life

£1,000 or more

Honoury Directorship role

This reward will offer you a certificate of a honourary directorship title. (It will not offer you a say inhow the buisness runs nor will it give you a vote on the board) All reward previous added

£15,000 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Have a lodge or room named after you

THis reward will allow us to name a room or one of our surf lodges after you, or who ever you designate. It can be in Memorium. This may take some time and may not be an instant reward

£80,000 or more

0 of 2 claimed

A floor named after you

By donating this amount of monies we will be looking to name a floor in the building after you. you will recieve a plaque and the chosen name of your floor will be displayed at every entrance too it

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