Operation pup rescue - escape from Montenegro!

by Rose McSkimming in Loiré, Pays de la Loire, France

Operation pup rescue - escape from Montenegro!
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Looking for some help to get my abandoned highway pup across Europe from the Balkans and one giant step closer to her forever home in the UK

by Rose McSkimming in Loiré, Pays de la Loire, France

***Holy mackerel guys, you smashed the initial target in less than a day - I cannot thank you enough! As set out underneath this is below the actual amount needed for fuel and tolls, and will not include car hire or accommodation. The 8 weeks in foster care in France will cost circa £230, so any additional funds will be greatly appreciated for help with those costs, and then the final transfer to England. Get ready for some happy puppy spam!***

The story:

If you’re here chances are you’ve been following this story for a few months now and are one of the amazing people who have offered to lend their support in these final stages.

This is Mia, the pup I rescued some months ago from a lonely highway in Montenegro. It’s been an emotional few months – what initially felt like a heroic rescue, followed by a night of adventures and a road trip across the country turned into a nightmare when the shelter I found ended up being like the set of a horror movie.

Since then, with the help of Friends of Dogs, we’ve got her out of the shelter and into foster care in Montenegro, where’s she’s been microchipped, vaccinated and had a chance to regain her strength and confidence. Even better, we found her a permanent home in Switzerland. Last minute however this fell through, and I’ve now found myself working against the clock to find a new home and solution before time runs out and she’s back on the streets again.

The fantastic news is she now has a permanent home in the UK, and a temporary one in France where she’ll be living in the interim to meet UK entry requirements. The next step is to get her there – which is where I’m reluctantly asking for a little help.

The first leg of the journey is sorted, and then I shall be driving her from Trieste in North East Italy, to near Nantes, North West France, and then returning (a round trip is by far the cheapest way having researched all other options). The shortest route would be just under 3000km in total.

I’ve calculated this to come to a minimum of circa €588, or £500 for tolls and fuel, not including car hire or accommodation along the way, which I will fund myself, mainly because I’m going to take a scenic route through central Europe to show Mia the mountains and forests and all the things a dog should get to enjoy instead of being left to perish by the side of a road.

If I don’t meet the target of £400 then I will gladly fund this myself – all I care about is getting her to a safe home where she’ll be loved, but as so many people have offered to help I thought I’d give this a go. Should the target somehow be exceeded, additional money after transport costs will go towards her food and maintenance at La Cour des Aulnays. Any help would be gratefully received – our adventure begins on the 7th December, and you’ll be able to follow her story on social media. Peace and love x

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