Operation freedom

by Katelyn Murphy in Bwlchgwyn, Wales, United Kingdom

Operation freedom
We did it
On 15th December 2019 we successfully raised £800 with 1 supporters in 10 days

I’m raising money because I have no other financial help available. I need to get another place so I can have my kids back at home.

by Katelyn Murphy in Bwlchgwyn, Wales, United Kingdom

I could go into detail, bashing people along the way, and make this some sort of bloody cry for help. But I’m a lady so I won’t. 

You see, I simply have been left with nothing and not enough rental history and resources to relocate out of where I am now. 

Why can’t I stay here? Asbestos. That’s why.

Have I tried everything? Absolutely.

Am I tired and exhausted? Have I gone to my bank? Have I tried to loan against my car? Yes  to all of the above.

I have three kids that are desperate to spend time with me. And I with them. Obviously they can’t be here because of the airborne nastiness. It sucks. 

The reason I’m asking for 5000 is because I will have to pay an extra months rent up front. It’s due to my status and lack of rental history. My ex in-laws have owned every property we have dwelled in over here (surprise surprise).

So I’m calling on all of you, to see if you can help. I literally have nowhere else to go and no resources.. 

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