Operation Dusky ❤ A street dog's tripod transition

by Kirsty Beirne in Delhi, , India

Operation Dusky ❤ A street dog's tripod transition


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Dusky needs amputation surgery after a reckless driver knocked him down back in August. We can't save his leg, but we can save his spirit!

by Kirsty Beirne in Delhi, , India

Hello! I'm Dusky. 


Pretty soon I'll be going for amputation surgery, and will need to learn to live as a tripod pup. Please help sponsor my surgery & aftercare so that I can lead a happy life on three paws! 

. . . 

Those of you who follow our stories, will all know Dusky, our now not-so-little ray of sunshine :) 

~Lockdown Love ~

Dusky came into the life of our friend Vrinda at the beginning of lockdown in March. A cute little man with a dusky coat on the streets of Faridabad, always greeting her with love and a smile at feeding time! One of the many faces Vrinda added to her list of street angels when the busy Indian streets turned to ghost towns and the main problem facing most street dogs was starvation. 


But then a few weeks later when Dusky went missing and didn't show up for 10 consecutive days, Vrinda could only assume the worst. But as luck would have it, the day before Kartik and I planned to travel down to Faridabad to meet Vrinda, Mr Dusky showed up! 

But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Dusky returned, limping on 3 legs, with his front right paw bent backwards and covered in deep wounds. He'd clearly been hit or had his front paw run over by one of India's many careless and reckless drivers. This is the condition Vrinda found him in, with bone exposed and x-rays showed multiple paw fractures.

(WARNING: it's graphic)... 


We all know how mean the streets can be for animals, when they are left to fend for themselves. But with the addition of heartless, careless humans, animals like Dusky often don't make it past the first few months of life. The driver that hit him robbed Dusky of his best shot at survival on the streets, but lucky for us, he wasn't able to rob this warrior of his sunshine spirit. 

Welcome to the Lotus Family! 

Since Vrinda is only one (amazing) person and was so overwhelmed with cases, we offered to take on Dusky's case and were so excited to welcome him into the family until he was fit enough to return to the streets (unfortunately, with so many cases and such small chances of adoption, this is often the best we can do for these babies). With daily wound dressing and a lot of TLC, we hoped Dusky would be back to good health in no time. 


But the odds were not in this little man's favour.

The plan was to wait for Dusky's surface wounds to dry up before addressing the fractured paw with a splint or cast, since Delhi's summer humidity would only lead to infection if he had a cast put on. But whilst avoiding an external infection, later blood tests and x-rays revealed that an infection had developed in the bones of his little front leg. 

Doctors prescribed antibiotics and were hopeful that after a two week course, the infection would clear up and they could then look into reconstructive surgery for his paw, otherwise the leg would need to be amputated. But after three weeks of antibiotics, we didn't get the happy news we had hoped for. 

Mr Dusky has been limping on three paws since the accident in August, and we know that as a strong, young little Alpha he will make the most of life even as a tripod! 

He's going in for amputation surgery next week providing his blood test results come back fine, and will need post-op care (daily bandage dressings, pain meds & supplements) for at least a month after surgery. 

Your generous donations for our last rescue, Tapu, meant that a contribution could be made to Dusky's pre-op care (he's been able to stay with us at the clinic for 2 months so far thanks to you!), so now we're raising funds to cover the surgery, blood tests, x-rays and post-op care. We're hoping £300 can cover all of this easily, but we need your help to get there! 

Needless to say, there's no way Dusky will be going back on the streets. He's part of the family now, and putting a young tripod back onto the streets after months of TLC just isn't fair or by any means the right thing to do. 

So let's get this little man onto all three paws, living the life every dog deserves! He'll be our second tripod member of the family, and we know he'll be an amazing tripod ambassador, proving that life on 3 legs can be just as fun as life on four. 

Thank you for taking the time to read Dusky's story and please do share his cause. Any amount you can spare means the world, and you'll be directly bettering the life of this beautiful little sunshine soul :) 


Stay tuned for updates on our Instagram! @lotusindiefoundation

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