Operation: Doubloons

Operation: Doubloons

Put a Pirate in Parliament! Think parliament is full of crooks? Then why not fund a Pirate to oust them?

We did it!

On 23rd Jun 2017 we successfully raised £520 with 12 supporters in 21 days

Candidates stand ready, we're polling at record highs and have a record number of candidates but we need your help. Sadly, creating a free culture doesn't come cheap!  We've already spent over £5,000 to run 10 candidates merely in deposits and over a further £10,000 on election materials. Compare that to the £millions the mainstream parties spend, we have a long way to go.   That's where you can help us.  We know lots of people are after your money, but other parties aren't interested saving our Internet and protecting our freedom, which means we need Pirates now more than ever. We can only do what we do thanks to our generous donors.

Unlike other parties, we're not funded by Lords and lobbyists; we're funded by people like you, who believe in what we do.
With your help we can start to match them.

    £5 Can pay for phone calls during an election campaign.

    £50 Can get us 1,500 election leaflets to deliver.

    £500 Can run a Pirate for Parliament.

We need your help, so please  donate what you can!  To get the update this country needs we need to think different - to vote for something different. Our personal freedoms, the end mass surveillance, fair and open justice system – no secret courts, protecting the right to protest and above all, free speech, both online and offline all need a strong Pirate voice.

For more on Pirate Policy go to: https://www.pirateparty.org.uk/policy

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