Operation: Bless Everyt'ing Events!

The promotion of music events which empower communities with health and education. Developing networks that improve quality of life.

We did it!

On 9th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £454 with 26 supporters in 28 days

"The plan is to use contacts in the festival scene to create indoor festivals with music, talks, stalls, healers and circus performers that raises money for positive projects, inspired by events like the original Synergy Project in SE1, Quantum Shift, Zu Studios, Whirly-Gig, and also Lyrically Challenged at Passing Clouds." Kevin Panton

Mission Statement: To develop and promote networks, by bringing people together who are committed to healing and healthy lifestyles. To provide high artistic and holistic opportunities to improve quality of life.

'Butterflies and dragonflies flutter by, some don't bat an eye. But if you focus you may notice the magic moment they denoted'. (Kevin H Panton aka KP Kev the Poet).

Background: Operation Bless Everyt’ing began as a Facebook group, which aimed to share creativity and conscious information, as well as provide a platform for people to come together and be inspired. The success of this led to an exciting event, which was held in Bristol (2013). We are now working to build on that success by developing a community- based organisation, promoting participatory music, poetry, visual arts, holistic events, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage and healing.


Arts, Health and Consciousness Mix: Operation: Bless Everyt'ing brings together a range of art forms, conscious music and poetry, visual art displays, holistic practices and motivational and empowering information, also promoting healthy eating.


Aims and Objectives: The Operation Bless Everything Project will:


Add to local Cultural/Arts Provision and Quality of Life: Strengthening interaction between people from a range of backgrounds and life situations, to come together and make connections and to share life experiences. It will enable groups to gather together and access innovative community events.


Build Stronger and Safer Communities: It will have relevance for the wider public, with the growing interest in equality and diversity issues; it will help challenge people's perceptions and expectations of what local communities and people can achieve.


Improve Health and Well-being: It will increase physical activity and levels of participation, encouraging active lifestyles – promoting good community mental health and emotional well-being; adding to community facilities and life.


Community Cohesion: It will identify ways in which the arts and healthy lifestyle can contribute to promoting inclusive, sustainable and healthier communities.


Outcomes and Benefits: Inspiring and empowering people with real benefits which include:

-Artistic and collaborative working opportunities

-Health and well-being, raises in consciousness, healthy eating

-Educational and Learning

-Collaborative working sharing of skills, creativity and to broaden networks

-Provide a support structure to produce events and future development

-Provide an exciting community participation project with real benefits to artists and holistic practitioners


Previous Work: Music and Massage Project

The Light-Players Winter Gathering

Venue: St Thomas' Church, Bristol

Date: December 2013


Performers: acoustic music, Rosie Nobbs (harp), Craig R Ninjah (hang player) DJ - Dub Revolution with live musicians, Lady Lox (Jungle DJ).


Creating Change and Sustainability through Shared Resources: A percentage of the money raised was donated to Temwa a Bristol based charity who do grassroots work in Africa. For more information please visit http://temwa.org: We aim to continue to support a range of charities who promote sustainable living and permaculture.




-venue hire

-events insurance and promotion

-massage tables, massage oils, health-foods, super-foods, juicer, healing teas, hot water urn.

-marketing and Printing: leaflets, newsletters

-artists (both paid and in-kind)



Income from audiences at events

Fundraising events and applications to a range of funders - statutory and charities/Trusts.


Audiences: Focused on but not limited to 20's – 40's, to provide an alternative to what is available in mainstream clubs/provision, amied at people who pursue healthier lifestyles.


Marketing and Communication Strategy

-Telephone and face to face meetings

-Ensuring good quality copy, graphics and design – mainly using email;

-Direct mail through Facebook and partner databases

-Newsletters and e-Newsletters


Monitoring and Evaluation: Information collected from audiences and participants.

We will use a series of qualitative and quantitative methods:

-Feedback from participants, musicians, and audiences through questionnaires for each event

-Quality of artistic, holistic and educational activities

-Access and participation

-Partnerships and the benefits to partners


-Contribution to the performing/general arts, cultural and heritage infrastructures

-Accurate records of numbers of participants:

-Musicians and holistic practitioners

-Volunteers, Staff needed on the day

-Written feedback and testimonials

-Photographic documentation and documentation of work produced/performed


A report will be mailed to stakeholders on the project legacy.


Future Developments:

-Lay foundations for future work to develop and grow

-Increases in income generating and funding opportunities

-Increases in skills and resources within stakeholder organisations to develop work

-Work in a range of venues and with a wider range of professionals, capacity building.

-Develop a strengthened infrastructure that will increase the skills base of local musicians, promote partnerships between sectors, highlighting the benefits of cross-sector working.

-Sharing of knowledge/good practice


e-mail - kevpanton@gmail.com 

facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KP.KevthePoet 

twitter - www.twitter.com/kevthepoet 

Operation: Bless Everyt'ing facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/everytingblessed/ 

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