Operation Alastair Mobility

by Alastair Andrew Balfour in Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

Operation Alastair Mobility
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Alastair complex special needs have a effect on his quality of life. Major concern is a wheelchair strong enough for him. NHS do not supply.

by Alastair Andrew Balfour in Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

It is our vision as Alastair's parents to open up new horizon for him. Our biggest problem is due to NHS inability to provide a more rebust wheelchair for him he can be confined to home. The chairs supplied by NHS keep breaking, time after time dozens of times major repairs are needed.

We as a family are unable to raise the money for a custom built robust chair he needs. Carbon fiber has been an option because of its strength. It's important as we have a wheelchair accessible vechile to get him out an about to enjoy life. A chair custom built for him for comfort. And not to trigger his autism or hypersensitive behaviour which is painful.

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