Opera Diaspora: Die Fledermaus

by operadiaspora@gmail.com in London, England, United Kingdom

Opera Diaspora: Die Fledermaus
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Raising funds for the production of Die Fledermaus and engagement of talented creatives from a variety of cultures and backgrounds...

by operadiaspora@gmail.com in London, England, United Kingdom

Putting on an opera is a mammoth task and requires a production team with just about the same amount of stamina and energy as a mammoth, not to mention, a mammoth sized trunk of money!

Welcome to our crowd-funding page! We're so thrilled to be bringing this ground-breaking artistic venture to the Wiltons Music Hall stage this August, offering an exciting, new expression of this joyous and magical art form. 

Opera is eclectic as it incorporates aspects of many art forms, yet this interdisciplinary performing art is sometimes thought of as "a bit niche". In fact, there's something for everyone - and that’s what we mean to achieve in our productions! High-stakes dramatics, farcical comedy, masterfully crafted music, dazzling costumes and sets, rousing choreography, and of course, heart-stirring singing. All in all, pure theatrical magic! The magic is in the coming together of all these elements: this is the very opposite of minimalism. This is gorgeousness, this is bling, this is more, is more! And in a world that made sense, opera would be popular and inclusive art that was available to, and loved by all!

The Project... 

We, Opera Diaspora, engage outstanding cast and production team members and a collaboration of local community members, many of whom come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds not usually represented in this genre, but who will each bring the beauty and richness of their own unique culture and life experiences to the production. With your help, we intend to show the world of opera a new face and to invite a wider audience to enjoy its many wonders. And what better opera to kick off with than Johann (Jr) Strauss’ sumptuous musical setting  of Karl Haffner and Richard Genée’s notorious Die Fledermaus libretto, set in the glorious rip-roaring jazz age - with all the Charleston dancing, bob-wearing vibe of a glittering 1920s farce.

Opera Diaspora is a collaboration between Haraya Choir and Holborn Community Orchestra with a team of talented singers and directors. Being a very new collective and not yet a registered charity we are completely self-funding, which is why we need your help. 

The majority of our funds so far have gone towards booking two wonderfully quirky and historic venues for our August and December performances. Our August premiers (Monday 20th and Wednesday 22nd) will be at Wiltons Music Hall, which prides itself on being the oldest surviving grand music hall in the world! Followed shortly by a festive December (Saturday 1st) performance at Conway Hall, believed to be the oldest surviving "freethought" organisation in the world and last remaining ethical society in the UK! Your donations will go towards a variety of invaluable production needs such as covering essential rehearsal hire fees, the creation of printed media such as flyers and posters, clothing our performers in "Roaring Twenties" party frocks, illuminating our soloists throughout our performance so that the glint of a Hollywood smile is never lost, and much, much more! 

Check out our rewards and donate today! No amount is too small and the entire operatic ecosystem will treasure and greatly value your kind, opera-friendly contribution towards ensuring this glorious life-giving art form is certainly not doomed to the same fate as our pre-historic woolly friend!

And of course please do join us for our premiere tour dates at 8pm Monday 20th and/or Wednesday 22nd August 2018 at Wiltons Music Hall, 1 Graces Alley, London, E1 8JB. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you very much for your time, eyes and ears!

Lots of love from all at Opera Diaspora




More info...

Holborn Community Orchestra, founded in 2016, brings together amateur, student and semi-professional musicians in the vicinity of Holborn and Covent Garden, providing opportunities for players of all levels, standards and walks of life who want to create music within a community setting, as well as enabling music students/young professionals to build their orchestral CVs and repertoire. 

Haraya choir is a newly formed ensemble with members from different careers and professions who are unified through their shared passion for singing & musical excellence. They champion the Filipino choral tradition & discipline. The Haraya repertoire includes a wide range of styles, genres and idioms which include sacred, classical, pop, folk and contemporary and are mostly a cappella (unaccompanied) and performed from memory. 


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