Opening a multi diverse bar/club

Opening a multi diverse bar/club

Hello ladies and gentlemen, My name is dan bransbury my objective is to open a diverse bar for everyone!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello ladies and gentlemen, 


my names daniel bransbury and my objective from creating this page is in hope that all you lovely people have the belief in me to open up a diverse bar for all walks of life! My bar not only will it cater to the trendy hipsters of clapham and other people from different areas but will also be designed to facilitate people with special needs as i have a brother whose autistic and feel that not many bars/clubs adapt to those individuals who will probably never get to experience that opportunity..... until now! My aim is to raise £50k to £70k ideally this is for not only the rental of a property to get but to do it up and get additional bits and pieces to really make this happen. Ive had previous history of managing a nightclub so my extensive knowledge of this industry does stretch far as the club i worked at was very prestigious. If any investors are willing to contact me to go into business i am more than happy to listen as i know this cant be just a one man job. Im very ambitious and i know what I want to do with this project so lets make it happen people! We have all got to start somewhere and its right here right now so be part of something special and join me on this journey. A business plan has been drawn up and I know its going in the right direction. People who know me will know that if anyone was to get the best party/bar/club running it would be myself and have put on some of the best nights ever. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to contact me and I shall keep you all updated with developments