Functional Fitness Gym for Youths and adults

by Aaron Thompson in Rushden, England, United Kingdom


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To build a community where we can come to a place and train together and Encourage families and Youths to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

by Aaron Thompson in Rushden, England, United Kingdom

Hi. I am a 37 year old Male who is a husband and father. I have been active pretty much my all life which my dad encouraged at a young age which is why I would like to start out on my own since being qualified 10 years ago.

My idea is to open a gym that will be suitable Young adults as well as adults to adopt a fitness lifestyle together or in a group setting. As well as focusing on Body weight exercises using Suspension trainers and fitness Rigs, there will be Powerlifting equipment, Barbells and dumbbells, functional fitness racks (see image) and so on. It wont be a gym full of weight machines, it will mainly aimed at using your own bodyweight which is just as beneficial as using weights to help lose weight, gaining muscle and overall fitness.

The reputation of kids working out does have a bad press because of kids ruining their joints at a young age but evidence suggests otherwise.

In October 2017 the famous Beckham brand hit the headlines again but this time not for football or fashion.  The focus of the media scramble was 12-year old Cruz Beckham who was proudly sharing his gym session on social media.  Negative headlines and comments piled up with many claiming that he was way too young to be participating in resistance training (RT) while his body was still growing.

WHO state that physical inactivity is the 4th leading factor for increased non-communicable diseases which includes cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, stroke and cancer and recommend a variety of exercise including RT ……but does this also include adolescents and even children?  In short the answer is a resounding YES!
I attach here the Position Statement on youth RT: the 2014 International Concensus published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and authored/reviewed by leading authorities in the fields of sports, medicine and pediatric science.  It is a very digestible read and I have highlighted some sections for you to help draw your attention to the key messages but, as always, I also summarise the most important findings below for you.  Please note that youth refers to BOTH children (end of infancy to the start of puberty; around 3-12) and adolescents (puberty commencement to adulthood; around 12-18) and that a key proviso is correct supervision by trained professionals:

RT in youth can lead to improvements in:
- Athletic and power performance as well as increased general motor skills.
- Body composition including reduced body fat, increased insulin sensitivity and greater cardiac health
- Skeletal bone health including increased bone density
- Injury prevention
- Psychological health, wellbeing and self-perception
RT can provide unique health benefits when integrated into a well-rounded fitness programme when correctly designed and administered by professionals.
There is ZERO scientific evidence to show that RT impedes linear growth during childhood/adolescence or reduces eventual adult height
Correctly designed RT programmes can benefit all ages and even as young as 5-6 years old by incorporating bodyweight, basic RT machines, resistance bands and even small free weights.
Encouraging early participation in RT could be particularly effective in improving later motor-skill performance as young children have higher levels of neural plasticity.
Much of the RT gains witnessed in younger children relates to neural adaptation over actual muscle mass increase while RT gains in adolescence combines further neural adaptations and increased muscle mass.
Progressive increase in intensity, volume and velocity as well as exercise variation is key to progression similarly to adults and prevents boredom.
2-3 session per week on non-consecutive days is suggested as most appropriate for youth RT and rest periods of around 1 minute between exercises should be encouraged.
Importantly for youth engaging in competitive sports – RT during scheduled PE lessons has no negative impact on performance in after school sports.

It is also to help Young people to get off the streets, off their gaming computer and encourage physical activity. I will also be in contact with charities to start potential fundraising for the opening if this Project is successful. 

With obesity numbers rising and people being less active I feel that there is a place in my area of Rushden, Northampton for this kind of gym, to encourage families to come together and become more active and live a healthier life.

  • My vision is to:  
  • 1. Encourage more physical activities in youths 
  • 2. Coaching members the importance of exercise and nutrition by getting key point information to them so they can adapt e.g. exercise correction, nutrition logging etc as part of their membership.
  • 3. Provide an APP to members so they can Update their progress by uploading photos, logging body measurements (also body fat %) and logging nutrition which their calories and macros will be calculated in the app.
  • 4. To Build a community so everyone is encouraged and motivated (no one is different, everyone is the same).
  • 5. To Raise funds for various charities like Macmillan, Cancer Research and Alzheimer's. 

The money invested would go to:

  • 1st year rent on a suitable unit (minimum of 1200sq ft) which I will try to negotiate a free rent period ,upto £25,000
  • Fitness equipment (doesn't have to be brand new, just good quality) and I am a good shopper for bargains. This is an example of costs based on the higher tier.
  • 3 x Olympic platforms with Olympic barbells and weights =£5,000.
  • Cross fit wall rigs can be anything up to £3,000 and above, especially if I was to add climbing ropes etc.
  • suspension trainers depending on make and model from £30 up to £200.
  • gym flooring averaging £5,000.
  • Dumbbell's £800 ave for full set upto 30kg
  • Fitness tires with sledge Hammers £1,000 ave.
  • Others like racks for weights, mirrors etc can be anything up to another £5,000
  • Marketing (at least 10% will go on marketing) Social media is a great place for advertising, plus my wife does this as her career job so I wont need as much.
  • And bills, gas water etc for the 1st few months.
  • I already have an APP that can be downloaded and used and each member can do all that I've mentioned above.

I will be taking on Personal trainers on a self employed basis as well with the option of rental charge or working gym floor hrs (free rent in exchange of working hrs) which will cut out paying employees and saving money. 

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suitable for a qualified trainer that also wants to put in 110% work into the project. has a say in what goes on and how! ideally close to location and terms can be discussed.

Let's make 'Functional Fitness Gym for Youths and adults' happen