A football project for children in refugee camps across Palestine. Giving them a childhood they deserve away from a fight that is not theirs

We did it!

On 27th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £40 with 2 supporters in 56 days

With your generosity, I am hoping to extend this project to refugee camps in Bethlehem at the start of 2016. To try and create a network of teams whereby children can travel (a difficulty we can overcome) to one another and play. Giving Palestinian children a chance to meet each other when they would otherwise not get the opportunity.

OpenGoal is a project designed to bring children in Palestine away from the conflict and occupation. Football is something of a universal language, and in most areas you will find children playing on the street or in an open area. This initiative is here to harness their talent and give them social skills and teamwork skills which will help them in later life. With the team in Al-Amari training three times a week, it is a regular break from the struggle of occupation, and gives the children something to look forward to each week. With the team environment it can keep the youth on the right path and away from becoming involved further in the conflict. 

OpenGoal is in co-operation with the Palestine Society for Care and Development, run by the inspirational Waleed Hammad (below). He has for decades, been improving the lives of children and the disabled within his community with summer camps and projects. Our aspirations together, are to watch these children grow into young men as a team, and with bright futures. There are plans to branch out from Al-Amari into neighbouring areas within Palestine to create a network of teams. With donations, the team can afford to keep their fantastic coach and use the hard pitch at the local school for training. The OpenGoal for all of us involved, is to give these children the life and opportunity that they deserve.


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