Open up the opportunities

by Sarah Hunter in Bransholme, England, United Kingdom

Open up the opportunities
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising money towards a car.....a car that will open up so many opportunities for us as a family.

by Sarah Hunter in Bransholme, England, United Kingdom

Since being 15 years old, I have had this constant dark shadow lingering over me, repeatedly hindering everything I'd love to do. I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder which manifested itself from a fear of vomit (emetaphobia)...this phobia rules everything I do, evenvthpugh I am positively challenging it, there are certain things that I just fine I cannot physically and mentally do. One of those is using any form of public transport....I fear my children or myself will catch a vomiting bug. This leaves me feeling so guilty because my children, at times are missing out on days away, holidays etc. People may think it's trivial but to me the thought of public transport makes me historical, it can also lead me to behave irrationally (hand washing, bleaching, pacing etc) A car would make my life and family life so much better...easier and enjoyable. I'd be able to take my children places, be able to go on camping trips and take them to local attractions. Any money I raise will go towards a family friendly car....a opportunity that is endless. Thank you

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