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To have a hotel which will give back to the community, especially people from disadvantaged backgrounds and the elderly and young families.

by New Horizon in Darlington, England, United Kingdom

In today's money driven society it is really hard to convince people to do something good.Having been in the hotel industry for a long time I have seen people who are struggling, either financially or mentally. There are elderly people, who may not talk to someone for a long time, who may not have a healthy meal for days or even weeks. There are young adults in care, who have limited options. There are families with young kids, who can't afford to take toddlers to playdates. And the list goes on...

Only mentioned the above three as those are the groups I would like to do something for. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to have a charity, I want to show hotel owners, that helping people and making a profit at the same time is possible.

I'll try to explain my idea... 

Hotel guests are usually not in their rooms during the day, they don't use the restaurant or the bar or any other amenities the hotel may have. They are at work, exploring the area, visiting friends or family. The hotel is more less "guest less". These times are the perfect opportunity to use the bar, restaurant area for something useful, such as things mentioned above.

A bit more detail...

Elderly people could have a "Weekday Carvery" at a "pay what you can" price. This would hopefully encourage elderly people to get out from their homes, come for a healthy, home cooked meal and talk to other people.

I would give young adults the opportunity to learn transferable skills, in a real working environment. Customer service, cooking, basic bar tendering, back-of-house, front-of-house skills.

Parents with toddlers could have a weekly playdate - this could be a sing along, learn a language, learn to paint etc. - options are endless. Parents could enjoy a hot drink, maybe a couple of biscuits, talk to other parents, whilst their kids are enjoying some fun activities.

The argument...

You may think: "Hold on, this is not viable for a business". But realistically how much does it really cost to make dinner? Or to give away a number of teas or coffees for free? Or even just to have the lights and heating on in a meeting room? Not as much as you would think.  And if it makes someone happy, than it all worth it!

The funds

The hotel I set my eyes on is a going concern. The money I would raise would help me with initial costs, such as leasing the hotel and the first few months rent. My savings than could cover legal fees, accountants, new equipment, insurance and the rest of the "smaller" costs.

Let's make 'A hotel for all' happen

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